Selling shares

Hey all what’s the best way to sell shares?
Not that I’m going too, I was just wondering. I have bought shares in Freetrade via a transfer not crowd-cube. What’s peoples opinions?

Transfer to another buyer (if allowed), wait for an exit opportunity such as a VC making an offer to buy a share of Freetrade or Freetrade offering a share buyback (might or might not happen), or wait for a potential IPO (again might or might not happen).


It should be easier for you to sell as you wont need to go through crowdcube

But seeing as they just did a crowd funding found that didn’t completely fill up you may find it hard to sell at the moment.

But essentially the only way (For now) is to sell it privately to another individual

Just to let you know - there’s a topic here in case you want to offer to buy / sell Freetrade shares now: Buying / selling shares

People who would still like to buy Freetrade shares from the latest crowdfunding round can still register their interest on the Crowdcube pitch page. If you click this link & the page doesn’t load, please try again in a couple of hours.