When's Freetrade's next crowdfunding round?

(Ritchie) #1

(Emma) #2

Unfortunately not, it’s been crowd funding so far although if somebody wants to sell their shares you might get an opportunity then. Not sure if they plan another round of crowdfunding before an eventual IPO but either way it’ll not be soon

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(Ritchie) #3

Ahh I see. Well thank you for letting me know. Gutted I missed it on Crowdcube! Only found out about this platform today and haven’t felt this excited since Christmas as a child haha.

(Emma) #4

Are you on iOS or android? If it’s the first you can get a queue jump by referring friends/random people on the internet or by filling in this form

(Alex Sherwood) #5

This is a pretty popular question so I’ve made a topic for it, from your post in the beginners questions thread, I hope you don’t mind!

Just to mention, investors in the previous crowdfunding rounds can sell their shares & anyone who’s interested can ask to buy them in this topic - Selling shares.

(Bruce S) #6

I’m 4 days later than you! Sometimes I cannot believe what is easily missed on CrowdCube!