Freetrade share price 📈

I agree, am just saying it’ll probably take time to officially announce like Series A did.

Correct - it can take a number of months.

The point I was trying to make is that just because the previous VC followed the crowd by 5 months and at the same share price… that doesn’t mean that’s how all funding rounds will be calculated / executed.

I think @Vincent you are suggesting the share price will remain at £2.51? I would be shocked if this is the case.

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Not suggesiting this at all as Series B shows at Q4 2020

And they mentioned Series B wasn’t DE so am guessing the announcement will take time as you stated

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What was the share price in July 19 please


Did they? When did they announce it wasn’t DE?

Simon Cook said DE would be happy to take part in a series B as long as Freetrade reached a few milestones. And it would only make sense for DE to join the Series B if they were to write a £40M to £50M cheque. Maybe I’m exaggerating.

This was in May 2020

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I thought I read it in one of the previous post but I could be wrong.

Hope you are right, that will be a x 4 from the current price so will take my founding shares over the very number I joked to Adam about turning my £1,000 into 4 years ago !


I thought there was around 5m shares outstanding not 50m

Companies House holds filing history for freetrade limited which everyone can access for free. The last filing in Oct last year has the 50 odd million figure total shares

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I know the founders are big fans of raising money via crowdfunding and probably will try to get as much mileage out of this as possible. The reason for it, as far as I understand, was that it avoids aggressive VC terms and interference in the strategy, calling the shots, etc.
I personally think there would be appetite for another crowdfund, but I think EIS is gone at their current valuation.
Having said that, I think Series B is imminent to fund the European expansion. They need people and marketing spend, even if they will get loads of synergies from the current tech stack. They also need to navigate regulatory approvals for each of the new countries. They need serious cash to execute on these plans.




If freetrade has great metrics in proportion to their current growth rate they will have a much better advantage negotiating with VC’s. Based on the current market condition money is available, but most VC’s are looking for more quicker return on their investment. With the increase of SPAC’s and companies who are easy to take public. So metrics that might be good a few years ago won’t be attractive in this climate. I think it’s best for freetrade to grow without the need for crowdfunding at this point. It shows a better indication for sustainable future revenue and margins. To expand into Europe on crowdfunding money won’t be sufficient enough for it to be successful you need heavy investment backing. With additional dilution from more crowdfunding it will make it a less attractive proposition to top VC’s.


Big prediction from the popular finance expert here!


I think wishes and predictions are different.

I’m sure many would like FT to IPO. It won’t happen this year and I don’t think 2022 is likely either. 2023 possibly, but I predict 2024. :smiley:


Thanks for that. The idea that Dr Parik Patel uses Freetrade drives me hogwild lmao


It’s a parody account.


I was amazed when I saw that on my timeline, having such a highly respected analyst associating with Feetrade is great.

Fingers crossed Dr PP comes out with a price target for Freetrade