Next Funding Road & Share Price Estimation - PLEASE MERGE

When Will The Next Funding Round Be?

What Would The Estimated Share Price Be?

I Can See it Being Between 9-12, so 11, I Would Say.

I Saw An Estimated Valuation Of 16B, On one Of The Threads. Could This Be Right?

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LOL, that would be a dream for many right now… 11 should be a definite, but ive seen someone offering 7.50, very interesting…

16B would be very optimistic given that would be roughly the same size as Hargreaves Lansdown and Etoro combined (by market cap)

Yes, Lol Wishful thinking/Dreaming, Lol. 1.6B maybe… But thats what was stated on another thread and a link. need to find it and look into it properly. But thought someone would have a better idea of where that came from.

Hi @RajVI Please would you mind keeping this place tidy and discussion on as fewer topics as possible.


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Fewer Topic? Its literally one topic… Funding round, which entails share price and possible share price and valuation. I do not really understand that rather bizarre request. “Tidy and Fewer Topic”!!! But anyway have a good one…

Hey @RajVI I asked nicely, as I could see your new, to post on the relevant thread rather than starting a new one. You’ve been asked twice now by myself and @SebReitz - the admin will only come here and merge the topics.

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