Selling Brewdog shares

Hi people,

Open to offers for between 30-62 shares, just PM me. Can only accept transfers to buyers with existing ComputerShare details.

Thanks :blush:

I only ask out of interest but are you selling because of the recent negative press or other reasons (you don’t need to say why).

I’m just super interest in how negative actions can affect people’s decision to retain shares. :grinning:


Yeah, I’m mainly selling because I may need the money later this year for a deposit, and have been thinking about doing so for some time. It very much depends on the sort of offers I get with a listing likely soon but the negative press has been a fairly peripheral motivation because I’ve known BD was like that for a while😅!


It is surprising how many of these younger/fashionable targeting firms seem to have bad work practices and staff complaints. I was really interested in Brewdog and was going to invest but after the terrible PR over the gold can and more importantly the excuses rather than just own up means I won’t bother.

The story also then linked me to the way the staff have felt and I really lost all interest/respect for them. I’ve spoken to 4 people about the can episode and 3 said they felt the same and the 4th said he hated beer so didn’t care :joy: Not a big pool but I do imagine they lost a lot of the sparkle with many.


I understand and agree with the view of bad working practices. For me the worrying issue that also struck a nerve were the circumvention of import taxes by flying a jet of beer over to the US!

A lot of this comes down to “founder CEO” experience where founders can struggle to relinquish day to day governance of an organisation over to someone who is more experienced. They still own the business but with a CEO who can do the job, these mistakes will be less likely.

I’m only speaking from experience in startups so this isn’t a blanket issue across all companies.

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James Watt is a complicated man and most knew that already. Some of his personality characteristics include being pretentious, controlling, manipulative, obsessive, irrational and childish.

I bought his book to understand him better so hopefully if he’s reading this that fact will massage his ego enough to not sue me for defamation :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

These apparent personality flaws are the characteristics that have brought him so much success with Brewdog though, and a bit more bad press is not going to harm him or the company at all. They’ve broken the mainstream worldwide monopoly of conglomerates spewing out terrible yellow water and calling it beer. Even if Watt spends the rest of his life torturing kittens Brewdog is going to be a cash cow.

The media is going to be out to get Brewdog for years (as with Monzo) but they will not be able to hurt them.


Agreed. All publicity is good publicity for this company.


You seem very confident in the company, may I interest you in some stock? /s


I’m keeping hold of my shares! want to keep my discount :wink:

This doesn’t sound like circumvention, it sounds like customs fraud / smuggling if they’re importing goods for commercial use and failing to declare it. I can’t even begin to imagine what they were thinking if this is true.

Important not to conflate what’s brought upon this. His arrogance and brashness are not something to be accepted on the basis of success. Ego is the Enemy is a terrific read that goes in to this common misconception in detail if you are interested.


The fact that we are calling him out on it here is evidence that no one is accepting his behaviour is OK. He is an absolute bellend. However, he is successful because he is deplorable.

Examples include getting a business loan by lying to his bank when no one would give him a loan, using the media to demonise Aberdeen Council in order to get what he wants, starring in a TV programme about hiring a new executive á la The Apprentice, but then calling it off towards the end of the program because he decided everyone was rubbish and he only wants good staff… and there are a million other examples of how being a rotten egg has turbo charged his success.

PS. OP i used to be a shareholder but sold years ago because I didn’t like how returning shareholder value was right at the bottom of their priority list. Like any toxic relationship you just need to get out asap. But congrats to the diamond hands who appear to be getting a proper exit opportunity soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I get you! You could however argue it’s his determination and relentless work rate that are more causational. It’s not necessarily his brashness and arrogance that have accounted for Brewdog’s growth, and if they did play a part, they certainly won’t be the attributes that sustain the company for any longevity. History often paints these character flaws as determinants of success but some argue quite differently that these are merely subsidiary flaws that will eventually lead to demise. 5.40 onwards gives a small touch into this line of thinking. Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday - ANIMATED - YouTube

Despite all his previous success and accomplishments, Napoleon’s attachment to ego as a driving force and source of self-worth left him in misery and emptiness after his defeat at Waterloo. I’m probably driving too much into the individual vs company here but I guess what I’m getting at is that his negative characteristics are not necessarily determinants or requirements of success, and will inevitably lead to his (and to some degree Brewdog’s) demise.

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