Shareholders perks

Could you update the shareholders perks page, as it’s really cool but only just found it and I imagine since Septemeber 2019 there are alot more companies

Will take a look, thanks for the reminder.


Where is the Shareholders Perks page? I’m a shareholder since the first round but I don’t think I get any perks.

It’s hilarious that the first on the list on the page is Carnival Cruises!

It’s 2020. After a decade of economically incompetent governments (austerity - pah) and now a pandemic and the self sabotage of Brexit, I think the biggest shareholder perk will be “Still in business in 2021” !


doing this would be a considerable amount of research effort. It may be a good idea to have a permanent topic for this, so that as people become aware of perks, they can add them to the topic.

Access to the Mitchells and Butlers shareholder perk (annual voucher book) would be fantastic. Can’t imagine this being feasible through Freetrade though?

Oh wow, I remember there being a discussion about the possible inclusion of shareholder perks in the past but never realised some were finally implemented!

Would definitely be great to see more in the future.

Marstons should be on the list - I just got my Privilege Card for owning 500 shares - 20% off at Marstons Pubs

This card gives holders (as well as people with them at the time) a 20% discount for food, accommodation and products at our participating pubs, inns and brewery shops across the country. It’s exclusively available to Marston’s teammates with more than three months’ service, qualifying shareholders and pensioners.

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I wish the freetrade shareholder perks page was updated more regularly (I know it’s yet another job for someone to do) but it would really help. Like Marston’s there are a few companies that offer perks not on the list.

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The Marstons one was used to great effect this year after lock down ended. I took full advantage :grin: