Shareholder perks


Will FT be introducing shareholder perks as a nominee?

For example, 1 x marks and spencer share (at time of writing in June 2019) entitles the holder to receive m&s vouchers at their year end in september IF the nominee account holder has informed M&S of the share holdings.

For a £3 investment, one could receive a good ROI in voucher value but only if FT “do their bit”.

Any update appreciated and hopefully implemented before end of July 2019 to allow shareholders in M&S to benefit in September 019.

This was linked in a reply the other day so still applies


Agree, it’s messy and very rarely mentioned in investing.

btw, you have missed the “a” out of “shareholder” in the post. Don’t know if you can amend that.

Would like to see this also.

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Thanks for your request. :slightly_smiling_face: We’re looking into this! I’ll post an update once we have more information to share on this.


Posting so I can keep track - wasn’t aware of this before but find it interesting after seeing The Sun article in the other thread!

Also interested in this.

Is there any way we can go and get the perks ourselves if its too ‘messy’ for FT to do so?

It’s a no-brainer that we all want to spend money on our chosen investments and these little perks are nice incentives to do so. Especially when The Restaurant Group give 25% vouchers for an investment of 250 shares and I can take a party of 10 to dine, support my company and enjoy discounted food😁. They will then fall in love with the company and buy more food/shares and drive the price to the moooooon.

So yes FT, we would love our perks :+1::+1:. These can in some cases be even more valuable than the free share incentive…


Reading on some of the company sites, there appear to be two ways shateholder perks work.

  1. Nominee account holder (FT) liases woith each company and processes the shareholder perks incurring postage costs if applicable
  2. Nominee account holder (FT) provides details of shareholders to the company and the company includes those shareholders when it processes the shareholders it knows about with no cost other tan providing the data to the company.

GDPR might come with 2. As it would include the transfer of PII potentially outside the UK.

LSE ought to provide a central database for nominee account holders to submit shareholder data in a common data format simplifying the whole process and reducing effort required by nominee account providers.

We have some perk-related news to share :gift:

This page lists all known shareholder perks which we’re able to offer right now (there are a few others we can’t offer right now) and how to claim them:

Let us know if you have any other questions!


I think the Benefit description for Carnival is inaccurate. Currently says “Discounts on upcoming cruises”, but the Shareholder Benefit document says that it’s an onboard credit. If you just changed the word ‘Discounts’ to ‘Onboard credit’, that would fix it.

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Thanks, Nick, we’ll do that now.

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Ooooh I qualify for National Grid networking event :zap::crazy_face:


This is great news that Freetrade are looking into this i think companys (shares) should send perks without being asked to

One M&S share queued just for the vouchers :blush:


The Freetrade page says you need 1 Safestore share to qualify, but when clicking the link to the Safestore page, it says you need 100.

Same :grin: queued some m and s today.

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Good spot, John, all fixed up – thanks.


I have 1 M & S share purchased in Oct 2019, Do i qualify for discount voucher ? How do i claim it? Thanks

Adding to that, if I purchase M&S shares today (dividend record day) will I qualify for the vouchers?