Company perks

Hello everyone,

I was reading some articles about some ongoing perks that companies offer to their shareholders.

Some examples can be found here:

I was then wondering how would be possible to take advantage of them or receive them.
I mean after I bought the share what are the steps if there are any.

On the same note, as suggestion, I think would be nice receive a notification or have a list of the company tradable on Freetrade that offer that.

I’m not suggesting that you should buy shares based on freebies, it doesn’t sound as a sound idea, but if you bought the company for good reasons is a good thing to know.

On a separate subject, I heard marvels about the famous Freetrade hoodie, I’m aware it was a perk for 1000£+ investment at least at R3 if I’m not mistaken. I was then wondering if was feasible/possible down the road be able to also purchase it.



That’s a great idea for a project. :+1:

We have new delivery with a bit of an overflow. If I were you, I’d DM @Freetrade_Team. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion @Viktor!:+1:

I know is a bit early as idea but is something that made me wonder how it did work since I found out about it. Also I didn’t find yet, maybe I didn’t look hard enough, how does work especially for a nominee account since from what I read so far it looked like it was valid for a personal account.
I’m probably wrong on it though.

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My wife grew up in Bury St Edmunds and her dad bought her some Greene King shares as a kid. We used to get a booklet every few months with 50% off vouchers for their pubs, pretty nice perk! (stupidly I moved everything over to passive trackers and these stopped :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Turns out you need 100 shares (£600 worth currently) - there’s a list of other perks here, sorry for HL link :blush:.


That’s awesome! Thanks!
I didn’t come across that link yet, really super helpful and now I have a much clearer idea of how it works.
I’ve still so much to learn but that’s the fun of it!:wink:

My experience of passing company perks to nominee holders is best described as ‘messy’. Every company and registrar requires different information to validate the underlying holders ownership. This can involve several calls, letters, emails and bespoke ‘certificates’ for you to display at your local garden centre to get your free plant pot - or whatever it is your share ownership grants you. It’s far from impossible it’s just time inefficient. From that perspective it’s a prime example of an out dated process that needs a technological solution. On the other hand spare a thought for your friendly back office Freetrade elves who have to operate this antiquated system. It’s likely their time could be better spent. That said we clearly don’t want to disadvantage anyone…so… let’s look at it… but not as a priority. Fair?


Thank you for sharing that @rob_h ! So my feelings that was a messy and sort of complicated procedure was not that far off.
It’s sounds totally fair, in most cases it looks like everyone time could be better spent.

Just to know is as messy business to be cleared to participate to an annual meeting like at Berkshire Hathaway or any other company UK or US? Would it work even with fractional shares?

Thanks again!!!

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Morning, kinda the same answer. For UK shares you’ll often need a personal shareholder voting card displaying your name and shareholding (rather than the nominee details). Extracting this document from the registrar is time consuming to the point you’re tempted to engage in a little creative photoshopping (just kidding Mr Compliance!). And again every company and process is different. Some require every little detail of your personal shareholding and you’re inside leg measurement others will let you walk into the meeting unchecked and eat the free food! If you intend to vote on the resolutions then you’ll usually need official documentation and this process can be a pain. For US (fractional or otherwise) the process is even more complex as the people in the chain are greater in number. You’d have to ask us, we’d have to ask our US custodian, they’d have to contact the registrar to find out the specifics and feedback. Any oddities in that process and I’d wager you’ll not have access to the company meeting until it’s been and gone. I’m all for shareholder rights and participation but it’s a balancing act between time, effort, cost and happy customers. You wonder why other brokers charge so much? This is (in part) why - hideous manual, time consuming processes that appeal to only a small portion of the overall user base.

Rant over. It’s 6am Sunday morning and I clearly need more coffee.


Good morning! Thank you very much for the behind the scenes information @rob_h. I didn’t immagine was as complicated.

What I find curious is that I read an article, if I find or remember the title I will post here, that some corporation complained on the fact that many investors didn’t participate in the voting therefore letting some things happen like ludicrous bonus for directors etch. If they really wanted people to participate, especially smaller investors, the whole process as you were saying should be simplified.

Sorry if I’m asking all these details but I get kind of nerdy to know how things work. Actually I’m looking forward to the blog post explaining the inner workings of a brokerage firm, was mentioned somewhere either here or on the blog. If I understood correctly.
Thanks again for taking the time!:grinning:

Give this article (@rob_h’s baby, by the way) a go. It explains what you broker does when you press buy/sell. More articles will follow as soon as the Team will have some spare time to write them (after all, we want the app out first, right?)


Very interesting, probably I missed it or even more likely open to read later and forgot to do so.:thinking:

This also explain that conversation about elves and other friendly magical creatures that left me a bit confused what everyone was talking about.
Now everything make much more sense.:grin:


You are a member of a secret club now!