Shareholder perks

It would be good if the app featured an option to show you what the company you invested in gives in terms of perks. I’m thinking the same way my banking app has a cashback feature that once you activate it, it shows how much % you get back when you spend on their products, so e.g. Costa.

I’m thinking the same feature only kind of in reverse for FT app. You buy stock in company and the little feature on the app shows what you’re entitled to for that company. I’m sure most offer some perks (more that what FT has shown on the link provided further up), and it would be a nice little bonus to reap the rewards of investing with a company, even if it is only a few vouchers per year!


Anyway that these perks could be included in the app itself? most likely low priority for FT, but it would 100% influence my purchases.

Similar to crowdfunding i often look at the benefits …


Looks like M&S are not issuing shareholder vouchers in January 2020.


How do you find out if you’re eligible to receive the M&S perks? (If you’re holding on Freetrade)

What makes you say this?


I see. Haven’t seen anything on the M&S site about this.


“As part of our digital first plan, we have stopped the distribution of paper shareholder discounts and instead we will provide a unique discount code fully redeemable online for all shareholders signed up to Shareview…”

Looks like they won’t be sending any physical vouchers anymore. Shame, I only just bought some M&S shares specifically to get the vouchers haha.

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Brill thanks for sharing. How does this work for shares held in nominee?

FT will have to sign up to Shareview and redeem them for us

Slight aside but wanted to share one of my favourite share perk wins:

A few years ago on another broker in the dark pre-Freetrade era, I bought ~£500 of Aviva shares, a few weeks later I noticed they had a special 20% discount on their car insurance for shareholders. As mine was coming up for renewal I gave them a call and ended up saving £500! admittedly £250 of this was simply savings from switching but I would have done it otherwise!

So basically got me £500 worth of Aviva shares for free!


Hopefully one of the guys will let us know. Only a few weeks to sign up in time and I really want me {probably) 5% off discount voucher :joy:

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One would anticipate a CSV file of all M&S shareholders in FreeTrade could be submitted to avoid individual manual registrations…


Any updates on the above? and has anyone else found any other shareholder perks …

Hi @vekariya17 @MatAtFreetrade - we’ve updated our shareholder perks page below and removed M&S which has, as of January 2020, discontinued its discounts.


@sampoullain Mitchells and Butler state that perk vouchers for shares held in a nominee account should be requested through the holder. Are FT not honouring this? Seems so given the thread…



16. I hold my shares via a nominee company, how do I get a voucher booklet?

In the first instance, you should request your vouchers direct from your nominee company rather than Mitchells & Butlers. We are only able to provide you with a shareholder booklet if your nominee company is unwilling to apply for the vouchers on your behalf.

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Can we have an update on the M&B discount booklet?