Shareholder perks - statements

If a share offers a perk is it generally true that you can send your FreeTrade (or other broker if applicable) to the company in Order to claim this perk.

Also what happens if the new month hasn’t arrived and your staent isn’t yet generated.

Can’t answer the primary question, but on the second point I imagine the gap between buying and getting perks is intended behavior - they’re not actively looking to give perks to day traders and swing traders.

Absolutely. I get the companies are not intentionally appealing to day traders and swing traders when they offer perks.

Someone who intends to long term hold but invests too late for it to appear on the statement in time could in theory lose the perk. Or lose the ability to prove entitlement.

Sure it’s :100: #1stworldproblems and no biggie in the grander scheme of things.

But that’s the theory at least.

Depends I’d say. My Sixt perk expires after 6 months, then you need to prove ownership again. But yes, a buying statement sufficed.

Total noob here, so glad i found this thread. I have bought Carnival shares as we have 2 cruises booked and i get £150 on board credit for each cruise. To get the benefit i have send proof of ownership to Carnival. Anyone able to point me in the right direction as to what i need to do. Is it a statement I need? Where do i go to get that? Sorry for the questions. I just pressumed that when i bought the shares id get an email or something with a reference or share numbers or something

Either wait till the end of the month for your statement, or ask FreeTrade to give you a letter, which you can email over to them.


Thanks, I will wait for the Statement as no rush. We dont go away until mid July and I’m told once Carnival approve the request it gets sorted pretty much straight away. I have emailed them, got an automated reply to say they received it but just waiting on them following up.

Oh enjoy your cruise btw.

If I was given ing on an American cruise line, carnival would be my number one pick.

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