J D Wetherspoon plc JDW

The ‘Marmite’ of pubs has almost 900 sites across the UK.

Does anybody know when JDW earnings results are out? Obviously it’s not gonna look good over last 6-8mo but just curious :smiley:

A quick google says their interim results came out on the 19th March. Looks like their next report date is 10th Sept

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Just been having a read nothing that didn’t surprise me there! With what I could understand anyway :+1:t2:

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Marmite? More like the Gammon of pubs. I’ll never set foot in one after the misleading propaganda they pumped out through their in store magazine in the run up to 2016.

Needless to say, I hope they don’t do well in the future but they probably will. I’m not sure many people will be as willing as me to punish the brand for its political stance.


Is this you?


Ha ha. I switched from Android to iPhone earlier this year and this is a great reminder to install this app again, thanks!! Always handy when visiting a new place and to show support for an app with a great name!

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Like them or not probably a safe bet!

Something changed today? Expecting bad news :thinking: unless everybody getting out of them