Whitbread Plc - WTB

A hospitality group that operate hotels and restaurants throughout the UK. Their brands include Premier Inn, Beefeater and Brewer’s Fayre.

I’m trying to buy this stock but it won’t let me. It doesn’t register how many stocks and therefore doesn’t let me click ‘review order’.

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Spring budget is already built in I guess.

Did you find out why? I’m getting the same issue.

Do you have enough to bury a whole share? Fractional shares are not available on UK stocks, the market is closed so any orders placed now will not execute until 10:00 tomorrow

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Thank you, turns out it was due to not me adding stamp duty on. I wonder why I could not just select the amount of shares I want to buy, rather then me type it the amount I wish to purchase?

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Hi all,

Has anyone received dividend payout yet?

Payout date was 1st of June

It’s been a long weekend since June 1st. I’d expect the dividend to land in the next few days.

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Other online sources give the dividend payment date as 1st July.

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