Pies (not the steak and kidney kind)

Any chance of a pie feature ?

Have my vote!

I would love to segregate certain investment stratagies into a pie.

Seems a simple feature to add

We’ve more or less got this functionality in the app already with recurring orders.

However, it is disappointing that FT hasn’t iterated on this feature much, if at all, eg more than 10 stocks, dividend reinvestment, rebalancing, fractional UK/EU stocks and so on.

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Was thinking pies more like the way t212 do it tbf


Unfortunately, I’d imagine T212 will have pies within pies before FT has anything truly comparable.

This is exactly how I interpreted the request. :+1:

Discussions in the past when pies had been brought up always lent towards recurring orders before recuring orders where eventually introduced.

The next evolution of this is how T212 or even M1 Finance in the US deal with Pies and allow us to have multiple pies where we can segregate Tech / Reits / ETFs etc. I guess I can also visualise an auto rebalance feature for each pie being introduced.

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Mmm steak and kidney :pie: :yum:

I have one on T212 named ‘cream’.

Of course, it’s titled after the Wu Tang Clan song: Cash Rules Everything Around Me. :laughing:


Re occurring order why % rather than number of shares? If fractional shares arent allowed in Isas. Iwould like the reoccurring order to be more set an forget with a pecking order so the last stock in your list fluctuates to use the remaining balance in your account.