Regular Investing Options

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Before I commit to a Freetrade ISA, I cannot find a monthly regular investment option similar to other traditional platforms. Does Freetrade offer such a facility?



Not yet, no. Search the forum for Autopilot and you’ll see it’s been talked about. It’s on the roadmap, but doesn’t seem to be a top priority right now.
From what I’ve read and inferred, the idea seems to be along the lines of T212’s “Pies” feature. With that, you allocate a percentage of the pie to several companies and the automatic top up will be split across them.

For me, this is one of the reasons I’m still undecided about my 2021/22 ISA being used with :freetrade:. It’s not at all guaranteed, but I would expect to see some new features released - or at least time frames for them - very soon, given that some are still undecided on where to use their S&S ISA allowance. It seems like a sensible time to announce a big feature or two. I could be way off, though.

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What about fractions ETF?
Its already been asked on the forum just asking your input?

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It’s on the roadmap. It’s not that easy.