M1 Finance Style - Pies for grouping stocks

What this feature offers is for you to allocate Shares, Funds etc into groups which you can then allocate a percentage to each desired holding. Then each time you have a deposit of funds into our account either from dividends or deposits you would then split that as much as possible between your desired allocations in the group.

Additionally, M1 finance lets you have multiples of these custom groups added to your portfolio can also have percentages added to them. Allowing you to build a diversified portfolio without having to rely heavily on funds for diversification.

see for more details on M1 pies

This is neat!

These also sprung to mind so check these out too:


This is exactly what I suggested to Freetrade via the live chat about 2 months ago!

I thought it was an original idea but just today I discovered that Trading212 are now offering this feature and I had to search the forum to see if anyone was discussing this. Little did I know the idea predates even that! I’ve not heard of M1 finance but it sounds sweet. I believe they are US based and possibly only available to US investors, am I right?

Pies would be a great asset to have on the platform and substantially improve the investing experience for a vast majority of people in my opinion.

P.S. pies is a nice name but if it was me I would have named them “MeTF’s”. That’s all.

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My vote for ‘autopilot’

A solid suggestion. More classy than my simple pun.

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Hello Guys,
This topic is very similar to the other 3 that I found:

Should we join all the votes into one topic? It’s probably more than 100 votes spread.


We had even more as this was one of the most wanted things. Some actually got tied into auto invest and closed which was just plain wrong.

Would be good to have one vote but TBH FT know this is highly wanted so the vote won’t change that.

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The thought had crossed my mind, all be it briefly that if they were to introduce this, they would do it when they launch the web app. :thinking: