[Feature Request πŸ”§] Pots or Investment Buckets πŸ’° πŸͺ£

I’m having a think about my investment strategy and was wondering how it might work in the app.

My initial thought is that I might want to have a small number of different investment strategies (some investment for dividend income, some market tracking ETFs and maybe a few shorter term individual stocks to gamble (in an informed way!) on bigger returns). It struck me that something like Monzo pots* would be a good model here to allow me to segregate them into nice buckets.

From what I’ve seen so far it looks like there’s no way of doing that. Is that right? Would buckets of investments be helpful to anyone else (we’ll need a better term, though!)?

*I’d also like to see each of these portfolios in Monzo as pots, but that’s another story! :slight_smile:


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