[Feature Request 🔧] Portfolio chart design

Yes it would. Vlad was just following my guidelines but I’ve changed my mind about topics like this - please do post each idea individually (including anything that’s been suggested in the thread) - we need to see how many votes each use case gets, rather than solutions.

So I’ve reopened your topic.


Should have a graph like this.

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Without a labelled y axis? Seems a bit pointless without that


Overall Portfolio Chart idea (that shows your portfolio value over time)


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Sorry to bump this, and maybe I’m used to it, but I think the Nutmeg graphs hit the sweet spot for me:

The axis on the right being £value.

I really want to see current portfolio value against cash added/withdrawn. It’s the difference that shows me visually how well I’m doing.

(I’m also a big fan of subdividing my portfolio into different Pots, but that’s for a different vote!)


Yeah that looks like it would give the info I’d be looking for too. Basically I’d always want to make sure the top dark blue line moves further north than the bottom lighter blue lube :heart_eyes:


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Portrait vs Landscape when I turn my phone sideways (expand chart when in landscape mode). Just a suggestion.

Thank you for adding the time scale.


I personally think the chart in freetrade is pretty bad, apart from the aforementioned points. I also find the data points on individual stocks far too small, e.g. There are only 5 data points in the 7 day chart and all intraday price data is lost…

Hey Ted, other than more data points on the seven-day chart, what else you’d like to see in the chart?


I probably should have opened another thread, but here we are. Some rants I have on a day to day basis, I believe some of them have been discussed in this thread already.

  1. Portfolio charts mixing cash and invested.
  2. The daily stock price differences reported don’t include after-hour price change. (actually I don’t think freetrade report anything after hour…I can’t even see the day chart when the market is closed)
  3. The 7 days / month / year / max chart should be updated with current market price. Instead they only update after the market closes.
  4. The quoted price has delay which is understandable, but please atleast quote a real time price inside the app when confirming an order?

Using 2 fingers, can do a double scrubber… Like how Google does in Android search:


After a trade is confirmed, the charts become temporarily all messed up: the portfolio is artifically up by the amount sold or down by the amount bought, before correcting itself. The effects of FX (from GBP to USD) result in your new position immediately down by ~0.5-1.0%. Trade history should also show the USD price paid, not only the GBP equivalent. An established competing service enables you to see it all, including their small fees (£1-£2). It’s a constant guessing game. The “insights” section is not useful, is you are invested in stocks (it’s a chart showing you’re in 100% stocks.)

Overall, UX needs work.

Trade execution on the the new platform is awesome.


I’d love to see tracking growth rate against a benchmark index like the S&P 500.


Saw this on the Trello. Hopefully it will get here soon.

yeah the complication (in terms of showing tota portfoliol and individual stock percentages) I find is when you sell a proportion of a stock held.

I have my own monthly spreadsheet in excel I update, where I record all aspects of my portofilo / activity (invested original cash amounts, and price per share, date etc), any sales, if the stocks gone up/ down from last month, as well as current value of share, any dividends pay, and comparison to last year.

it also indicates what percentage each share / etf is of my overall portfolio (ideally I don’t want more than 10% / stock / etf, so to spread risks out a bit further).

but it would be wonderful if all that information was available within FT, so that I could just download a statement each month with all that information :wink:
I can dream hehe

this looks super neat and helpful yes I agree,

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Why there is no 3m/6m/1y/5y values on chart?


Hey folks :wave:.
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