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I think the T&Cs just have it as a fallback in case the card payment fails, not that you’d be able to choose to use your balance.

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i dont think it was specifically to do with plus card payments. they never authorised taking payments from cash funds when you sign up currently.

I am not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone yet as a functionality, but I would like to see the ability to categorise / customise the layout of the list of investments within the ‘Portfolio’ tab.

For instance, I have a number of investments in Trusts or ETFs which are long term and I don’t need to review frequently, as well as individual stocks for the long term and more racy investments. The latter I want to check frequently.

Currently the list is set up to automatically to sort by value descending but I would really appreciate the ability to group investments (as in excel) or categorise myself. This would allow me to view by type and have my own sub-portfolios / investment styles grouped together. I don’t want to have to scroll past those long-term investments to get to the exciting stuff! Hopefully it wouldn’t be something that is too tricky to implement within the UI either.

Has anyone else thought this too?


I’d love to have this too, I would create a category for long term ETFs and Trusts investments, another for speculative stocks (which also I will review more frequently), and perhaps have SPACs, and REITs/Dividend stocks in separate categories.

This could work together with the auto invest/investment pies functionality, where you can add funds to the whole category, and the money is distributed proportionally.


Good shout but this isn’t specific to Plus which this thread is about.
The home for such requests is under ‘Ideas’ category if you want the Product Owners at Freetrade to take notice.

Good idea - I think its pretty much the same idea as this:

It’s on 95 votes already, so very popular, add yours there.


Yeah I only found that thread after the above post and I agree that it shouldn’t be just for those of us on Plus ;). Added my votes to that other link…cheers guys!


Is there a thread for Real Estate Investors (RLE) to come into the plus universe? It’s a ftse all share stock?

Has anyone with a Freetrade Plus account received any interest yet? What is the payout schedule?


11th working day of the following month I think


Thanks, I’ll wait a bit longer then.

Can i double check something?

When you sign up to become a Plus user, you will be required to add payment card details to your account. We will periodically charge the Plus fee to your payment card, and you hereby irrevocably authorise us to do so. You are entitled to cancel your status as a Plus user, but you will not be entitled to a refund of any Plus fees already paid. If you cancel your status as a Plus user, you will ordinarily not be entitled to sign up for Plus membership for a period of 3 months from the date on which you cancelled.

Is the bold part still the case? Is it so technically complex to sign people off and on that you felt like it’s appropriate to introduce this cooldown period and not take money form people if they recently cancelled?

Sounds like it’s more of a deterrant to persuade people not to jump in and out, to reduce admin/risk of errors?


Someone was telling me that it’s perfectly appropriate to jump on, buy all the small cap stocks you want and jump out until you want to buy more. Turns out it’s not that simple.

I am wondering if this is still the case though as it looks like a bit of a bad practice unless there are significant admin costs to signing people on and off.

I’m not sure if the word ‘ordinarily’ is being left in there on purpose at the minute.

I imagine they’re letting people dip in and out (I’ve been doing this), in order to let people try it out, but at some point in the future they’ll take that word out and you’ll have to stick with it or not have it at all (for 3 months at least).

I don’t think it’s that big a deal, if you were going to jump back in in less than 2 months it’s pointless cancelling in the first place


How so — you are paying one month in advance, right?

Great idea !

I really want a feature which ranks your stocks in descending order in % price movements. So when you open up your account you can see which stocks are influencing to the growth/loss for that day.

And you can filter it for day, week month year


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Sometimes its so hard to see the cause of any movement unless you go into each stock to find out!

Is it just me or customer support is overwhelm at the moment? I got plus and need to renew my ISA.