[Feature Request 🔧] Integration with Monzo Marketplace

Would be just lovely to be able to invest straight from my Monzo Account.
Being the first investment company integration with the challenging bank with the best open banking api on the market would be beyond proving a point and reaching out to over 1 million potential clients.

Great idea. We’ve had that discussion in the past, when “ideas” were not a thing yet, and it certainly had a positive sentiment :slight_smile:

Although Freetrade is dependent on Monzo’s cooperation here (if this integration will ever happen), I personally believe it is a great target to aim towards!


Light integration:
Freetrade “Pot” that shows realtime value of your Freetrade Balance and amount left on your ISA within Monzo
Transfer cash in realtime to your Freetrade “Pot” (no delay somehow)

Tight integration:
Auto-invest money transferred into my pot

Honestly not sure what you’d do on top of that…


I would imagine you could have the pot as @Andrewpclark says, with pot itself showing minimal detail of amount invested etc, and then replicate both the activity feed and the stocks held in the “pot detail” as well, now that’s been created.

Whether or not you permit activity like buying/selling of shares to be initiated there and not via the FT app, is another story of course, but this way you’d just need Monzo to interrogate and display that data in read-only form.

Lots of interesting possibilities for integration, though.


I think such an integration would massively accelerate Freetrades growth and benefit both parties. Monzo has talked many times about building out its marketplace but at this stage seems to be very selective on who it partners with and likely has a queue of providers for all types of products. I think it would make sense for Monzo to take an equity stake in freetrade. What problems would this pose?


I was about to create a new topic for this, but then I noticed that it already exists. Such an integration would have a massive impact to Freetrade’s growth.
From Tom Blomfield’s previous tweets, it seems that he supports Freetrade and he might be open to integrate it to Monzo.
Did you guys try to approach them at all??

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We talk all the time. They’re great.

We’re focusing on massive improvements and our own features right now.