Let me buy several fractional shares at the same time for the same value

I like to buy shares with in chunks of the same value. So, for example, suppose I have 20 shares and I previously bought them for £2,000, so each share was bought at £100. Suppose I want to add £200 to my portfolio, but I did not decide on a new share, so I’d like to spread the amount so I invested £110 on every share. Right now, I’d have to visit each share and buy £10 each. It takes a very long time. If I could simply select multiple shares and then say how much I want to buy of each, that would be very handy to me.

Sounds a little bit like this idea if you want to vote for it


This feature will be called autopilot and @adam confirmed they’re working on it at the last AMA

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Not exactly what I had in mind, but it does solve my problem! I’m voting on that idea! Thanks!

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