Sort shares by highest to lowest price feature

Hi,I’m new to the app but dont have a lot of money to invest and mainly buy shares priced at 1 or 2 pounds per share.
When searching for shares to buy in the discover section it would be great if you could search for shares based on a sort of highest priced to lowest priced shares as this would save me alot of time looking through shares that are way out of my price would be a great feature to add into the app imo.
Still a great app though!

With fractional shares does this offer any advantage (investing in low cost shares)? Not a criticism but just interested why that draws you.

Although I realise fractionals are just us but that’s still a huge choice of lots of great stocks

Hi,I didnt even think about fractional glad you mentioned it to me!
I’ve now sold most of my low cost uk shares and started buying fractional shares in the us market now because there is far more choice.