[Feature Request 🔧] Multiple Portfolios

Hi everyone, I think it could be really useful that Freetrade team consider developing multiple portfolios in the same account.
Doing that you could create portfolios for different purposes or just create it to compare performance among investment styles. For instance, you could have an ETF’s portfolio or an stock one. Or maybe you could distinct between countries, sectors,…


I think there’s a similar idea here, which you can vote on:


Thanks weenie for your feedback!

I Ditto this!

I like “virtual seaparation” with my money. Like monzo buckets.
It would be great to have a “long hold” bucket that you can check ever couple of weeks or months to make adjustments. And a separate Short hold for that cheeky speculation. You could set yourself different budgets for each


You can also vote for this feature to be added to Freetrade plus

This would be a great freetrade plus feature! much easier to organise portfolios

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It would be great to be able to create Sub Portfolios on my account so I can see how particular segments of my portfolio are doing e.g. Industrials/Tech Stocks/REITs are doing as well as my overall portfolio

A quick search would have saved you some time.


Personally I’d like to see ETFs and stocks separately as sub accounts within the apps so I can break out the performance

Hi there,

I had an idea which I think would be helpful for many investors like myself.

I wish I could split up my Freetrade portfolio into different segments where I could treat my investments with different strategies, e.g. one long term hands off investment portfolio, and one short-medium term trading portfolio.

I think this would be useful to enable us to reach our investing goals and follow our buy and sell rules diligently while trying out multiple types of investing strategies.

What does anyone else think? Would you use this kind of feature or do you think it is unnecessary and we should just keep track of what investments we are managing through other means like a spreadsheet or notes app?

All the best,

You might want to search before posting next time, as lots of people have had the same idea. An example is below. I suggest you vote on this one.

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Thank you! This always happens any time I post an idea :joy: I did have a quick search but didn’t find anything at a glance - clearly I didn’t use the right words.

Thanks again!

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What would be cool is the possibility to have multiple GIAs, this is possible on most other respectable brokers.

Voted! Any one know if this feature is on the roadmap?

Hey everyone :wave:

I was just about to post a new feature request, but came across this existing one!

The one thing I have noticed since joining Freetrade and educating myself on investing is that I do have a desire to track the performance of a few “mini-portfolios” independently which I think would be a great addition to Freetrade’s already compelling platform.

For example, in my use case, I would like to track:

  • A “Safe and Steady” portfolio which comprises of a few key ETFs - S&P500, FTSE100 and TIPS
  • A “High Dividend Yield” portfolio which comprises of the UK Dividend and World Dividend ETFs
  • A “Hand Picked” portfolio which comprises of some hand picked stocks such as Tesla, Apple, perhaps some smaller but higher growth potential companies

I think it would be great to have this level of segmentation/categorisation of my portfolio so I can make more informed investment decisions. For those of you who use some of the Fintech disruptor banks, think Monzo Pots / Starling Spaces. Would be cool to be able to “lock” the mini portfolios for a period of time such as the “Safe and Steady” portfolio so there is no temptation to sell shares which are supposed to be snowballing wealth over time and re-invest into speculation.

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Totally agree :+1: I think adding this and filters is the easiest big win for FT to improve the user experience. As much as I love the app I do wish to see things in various ways that are not on offer at present. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Have multiple portfolio’s in one account, or simply multiple accounts. Thus enabling different trading strategies to make trading easier.


It would be great to have possibility to have option to create multiple or virtual portfolios.

Let’s say that I want to track us & uk investments and their gain/losses seprately. Or have option to create or assign my stock to specific portfolios so that I can have one portfolio with eg. FAANG stocks and other one with only dividend stocks that I own.

Hey guys I know I keep harping on about this subject but I think if this feature was available then this would almost be a complete trading platform as far as Iam concerned. I just want to be able to make as many portfolios as I want just like in M1. I could make one with a few risky ones some safer ones. Ones I could name after my children and use it as a future savings for them. Whatever the reason it would be very cool if freetrade could implement the option of creating more than portfolio. Any plans??

There’s an idea for creating investment pots/buckets where you could create multiple portfolio‘s however you desire…