[Request] Amundi Index MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF (WSRI)

Please add WSRI from LSE


It is MSCI World index, screened for SRI with removed nuclear, weapons, coal, gas, oil, tabacco, etc. I.e. all the vices.

Also did request via webform.

This ETF is similar to the iShares one. However it is accumulation one - meaning reinvests dividends rather than paying them out. Is smaller in size. Has lower fee.

Oh well I guess iShares is the more traded one / more popular.

I guess it will never be added.

Oh well. I think I will stop using Freetrade.

ISA is not flexible. In specie transfers are not here for SIPP. And SRI selection of stocks and ETFs is limited when compared with the likes of YouInvest, Vanguard, IG.