15 brand new stocks, including SPACs and crypto miners - 11TH JAN 2021

Hi everyone :wave:

An exciting new batch of stocks has arrived.

These include highly-requested SPACs and crypto miners, plus some pharmaceutical, life science and EV companies, to name a few.

These are available to everyone.

Let us know what you think about this latest batch!

When you invest, your capital is at risk.


Awesome! GOEV and DMYD are :fire:


Wow best list I’ve seen yet. Brilliant guys


Some great names here - thanks for adding!

Thank you!

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What’s everyone favourite?

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What have you got your eyes on Ben? :eyes:

Great update, good to see DM added! Looking forward to more SPACs being added!

Blnk waited for ages for this one. Its grown 300% since I first watched it.

Btbt and riot the other 2 I wanted. 3 out of 15. Boom :boom:

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@Freetrade_Team can you update the stock universe spreadsheet and viewer then please as these don’t appear in those lists currently


@finki on it


Yes me too - cant work out if it is overpriced or not though currently

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