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Riot is an interesting NASDAQ-listed company with a bit of a chequered past but which now seems to be a pretty legitimate player in the bitcoin mining space. Back in 2017 they were a small biotech company who then pivoted to ‘blockchain’ and saw their share price rise and full in that frenzy.

But they now look like a pretty solid business, they generate money somewhat irrespective of whether bitcoin price is going up and down and if, like some (Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones: Bitcoin is a 'great speculation' - YouTube) you think bitcoin may play a big part of the future global economy I think they’re an interesting one to watch. Would love to be able to hold a bit in my Freetrade ISA!

I agree on Riot Blockchain.

In my Trading212 portfolio my holding in them is up 304.66% whilst Argo is up 632.66% , the community really needs these sort of swings as early as possible by adding in good blockchains options as early as they can.

Yeh shame about this one, I held it elsewhere from $1.50 to now. Also bought Argo at under 6p :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think Argo is on FT now? But there’s a few more and everything suggests bitcoin/crypto is going to go on an absolute tear this year!

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Hooray, just seen this got added.

Thanks Freetrade.

Just the +1500% since I requested it :laughing:


I just saw it now on