Freetrade Shareholder Update

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the latest shareholder update from Freetrade?


“Very positive” in 2 words :clap::clap:


actually doesn’t seem bad

Set to go live on 14 September 2022 at 10AM. For the first 24 hours, it will only be available for existing shareholders to invest.

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It’s a convertible. It’s not priced until the conversion date.

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Solid update with confirmation on some highly requested features which is exciting. Thought it was quite interesting to read about the business having a degree of resilience to downturns and the numbers looked promising.

Here’s hoping the round goes as well as before :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, they still seem keen to add Crypto!


Where did you find an update? Can’t see anything anywhere.

It was an email to current shareholders from Adam about 2 hours ago

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didn’t receive one

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Here’s the money shot of today’s email:

"First, the big news.

Tomorrow we’re announcing our annual crowdfunding campaign, set to go live on 14 September at 10 AM. For the first 24 hours, it will only be available for existing shareholders to invest.

We have done a stand-alone crowdfunding campaign every year since 2016. Every round was priced higher than the last, and investors bought ordinary shares to fund the growth of the business.

This time is different.

For the first time, we are offering an extension of our last venture capital round. This is an opportunity to invest in a convertible loan note (“CLN”) that will eventually convert into preference shares."

The email adds (emphasis mine)

“The structure of a CLN means that the funds are received as a loan and recorded as a liability on the company’s balance sheet until a conversion event, where the loan is exchanged for equity, and new shares are issued. This allowed us to effectively defer pricing the investment until a new venture funding round (full terms of the CLN will be shared in advance of next week’s crowdfund).”


Weird that I didn’t get the email :confused:

No email either!

I think the Shareholder updates function on Capdesk was used to send this Update. Are you registered on Capdesk? You should have an email from many months ago …


Yep, I am. :man_shrugging: And I’ve received all previous ones as far as I can tell.

Check your spam maybe…

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I’m registered on Capdesk and didn’t receive the email regarding another funding round

@SebReitz I am not sure who looks after this sort of stuff. Let us try our nice friend @Freetrade_Team. Hey Sam please can someone look into why a group of people on this thread, shareholders, have not received the Shareholder update? I am assuming Capdesk was used … perhaps some other database was used.

All those who haven’t please make sure that your email address in Capdesk is correct :slight_smile: plus make sure your spam inbox hasn’t caught the Update email.


Cc @acamp

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I also received no email :thinking: did have a check on cap desk I do have email notifications enabled.

good to hear some of the update from some in the thread