Crowdfunding 2023 - 🎈

Invest and become a shareholder of Freetrade in our 2023 crowdfunding campaign, going live later in June :tada:

In 2019, we brought commission-free investing to the UK. This year, we brought our app to Sweden.

We’ve invented an innovative customer-centric subscriptions business, underpinned by our purpose-built technology stack.

Despite headwinds in 2022, our business model continues to prove its resilience. We’ve reacted to difficult economic conditions by cutting costs and focusing on our core market.

We delivered our best revenue quarter yet in Q1’23 (£4.7m revenue, -£3.32m EBITDA), a 25% increase in revenue on Q1’22 and a 57% reduction in losses (£3.7m revenue, -£8.9m EBITDA). (CY’22, £14.9m revenue -£28.7m EBITDA).

As we forge ahead on our path to building a profitable business, we’re pleased to offer more of our customers a chance to own a piece of Freetrade and share in our success.

Get early access

Important: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Early access means you can invest from 9 am BST, before we open to everyone at 11 am BST


Are you able to share the valuation?


Valuation per share


Hey Matthew,

We’ll be sharing a number of updates over the coming weeks before the round goes live including details about the share price and implied valuation.

Pre-register through the link above with Crowdcube and we’ll keep you posted with all the information you need.



Has all the £2.1 mil raised in round 8 been spent?


I suspect they have to keep a considerable amount of cash back on regulator request. So my educated guess is not everything has been spent but they need a bit more for regulatory purposes.

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It would be good to understand a lot more about the EBITDA position and future movements there. What are the drivers.

It will be interesting to see how much you guys can raise now that interests rates are as high as they are. Nice seeing the losses come down though.


Does anyone have the previous funding round share prices?

Early access means you can invest from 9 am BST , before we open to everyone at 11 am BST.

Times but no dates?


I wonder what the revenue split is for the growth. Subscriptions vs fx vs the increase in interest on customer deposits

We’ll be including more info on this on our pitch deck. Stay tuned!


Great to hear there’s another opportunity to invest and exciting to see the losses come down.

Would be interested to know more about plans for the funds raised, if there is a plan for VC backers to be involved and what if any EIS allocation is available. Keen to hear the valuation as well.


Some good year on year numbers! It would be good to see the quarter by quarter picture showing the latest Q2 forecast as you’ll mostly know this and telling the story of how the gap is getting closed to reach profitability in Q1, if that’s the plan.


Crowdcube taking their sucess fee again I presume :smirk:


Wait another few years for an exit opportunity.


Good to see another crowdfunding this summer!

I’d like to know what you will be working on after direct debits and mutual funds ship.

Seedrs offer a secondary market where you can try to sell shares for companies you bought on Seedrs.

Alas, Freetrade used Crowdcube, so this isn’t an option.