What we know about the the 3rd crowdfunding round so far (FAQs) (Open Wiki) 📋

Since the next crowdfunding round was announced, the team have shared a lot of details about the next crowdfunding round in the dedicated topic for questions.

That topic’s already 99 posts long, which takes a lot of reading! So I’ve created this open Wiki (which anyone, who’s been around for a while, can add to & edit), to share the answers to frequently asked questions.

The crowdfunding campaign is now finished

Freetrade raised 620% of their goal in less than 29 hours :flushed: :boom: :tada:

The largest investment was £175,000 :moneybag:

They crashed the Crowdcube website :eyes:

All the details are here -


And Forbes covered the raise -

If you missed out people are dropping out so it might not be too late..

Here’s all the details that we knew beforehand

How will I access the crowdfunding page?

You can access the page via this link https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/freetrade-2/pitches/b3M2Ql.

When is the next crowdfunding round starting?

The round will open at 1pm 16th May!

We don’t want any of you to miss out, so the first 24 hours will be a closed phase, for community members only (that’s everyone on our waitlist).

We’ll email all our community members with a private link at 1pm 16th May and we’ll keep it closed before opening up to all Crowdcube investors the following day.

We’re looking to fill our target as soon as possible and we overfunded in our last two rounds, so those 24 hours are your best chance to get in before the round goes public.

Details from this blog.

What're the terms?

Target: Raise £500,000
Equity offer: 2.70%
Pre-money valuation: £18,000,000
Tax relief: EIS

Details from this post.

Note - the pre-money valuation from the previous round was £4,000,000, more details here.

Will overfunding be allowed?

What's the maximum amount that Freetrade will raise?

What will the share price be?

How do I access the investor deck?

As an investor in this round, you can request access to the documents here.

What are the rewards for new investors?

Table from this post.

Will Class A shares be available?

What rewards have existing investors earned already?
  • Round 1 investors will be acknowledged on their profile screen.
  • if you have the round 1 reward of a free tax-wrapped account for life, that will be an Alpha account now.

(source for the above)

And don’t forget that..

Do existing investors get pre-emption rights?

How do I get the investor badge (available for existing investors already) on the forum?

Victor has shared the steps here.

If you’re a new investor then Freetrade will assign you the badge after this next round is complete.

Can Crowdcube investors transfer shares?

Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise - #47 by HannahCrowdcube

Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise - #51 by HannahCrowdcube

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