Freetrade’s CrowdCube Fundraise

It would be interesting to know the impact of yesterday’s Forbes article on the raise @toby @Viktor

Will the Crowdfunding be open the full remaining 28 days? I want to direct my sibling to take time to evaluate this opportunity, but don’t want him to FOMO in if there’s chance it will close soon.

+500% now


TBH it was already flying before it went out, but the Forbes was definitely great press. We know someone who went in specifically because of the article. That said, we got that private link off the article quick as possible.


Almost certainly not. We’re on track to complete pretty soon. We would never advocate going in unless you were comfortable and understood the risks, so it’s down to you… (not too helpful I know)


Campaign Going Public & Overfunding Cap

What a day!

We’ve all been blown away at Freetrade HQ by our community’s support for what we’re building. We smashed our target in 12 minutes and have now raised over £2.5 million in our 24-hour private mode for our community members only.

Now it’s time let everyone in on the party!

The campaign will become public at 1pm today, 24 hours after we first opened it privately.

We have set a cap on overfunding at ÂŁ3.1 million and the campaign will close automatically at that point. We expect that will be later today, so if you intend to pledge, or increase your pledge, now is the time to do it.


Congratulations, you’re now an investor in Freetrade!
I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity!


So the slightly skewed (as mentioned previously) average per investor is about £1,500. I’m impressed

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That’s a lot of people wearing Freetrade clothing


Oh yeh, at least if this investment doesn’t work out I’ll have some socks to show for it!


What do we reckon we hit first?

  • ÂŁ3.1M
  • 2000 investors

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You would need ÂŁ3,666 as an average investment for the remaining 15 so no chance :grinning:

I’m predicting £3.1m with 2018 investors :wink:


You would probably need to top up to avoid exceeding 2018 :thinking:

ÂŁ3.1m with 2045 investors

I think 3.1m in the next 30 minutes with 2015 investors, it’ll be all over today.

That was fast.

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1999 investors now

It will be 2100, ±10.

2 million takes it

Almost there. Certainly a big leap from last round’s 360% overfunding.

Update: All done! Asking for expressions of interest now.