IMPORTANT: Very last chance to invest in Freetrade!

We’re getting a LOT of messages from community members who couldn’t invest. Some of them never saw the email with the private link, some others were travelling or otherwise occupied.

If you couldn’t invest, please enter the amount you want to invest here on the pitch page:

Inevitably, some investors are changing their mind during the cool-off period (that’s what the cool-off period is for after all!). We are working with Crowdcube to swap in investments as fast as we can.

The absolute deadline to pledge your investment is 9am on Tuesday (29th May).


(Pitch page is currently down as Crowdcube is swapping in investments from those who couldn’t invest. It will be back up soon. EDIT: it will be online again at 5pm tomorrow - 23rd May.)

Great to hear. I’ve pledged more so will see if they add mine to the additional round.


I invested last week via the private link, can i invest more to add to what I already got

also, when I invested last week, when will I have to pay this money

many thanks

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Based on our previous rounds, we expect about 10% of investors to either reduce or withdraw their pledge during the cool-off period, so we hope we can fit in everyone who missed out or wants to invest more.

Crowdcube is working through the current backlog (that’s why the pitch page is offline). The investments will be swapped in on a first come, first served basis, so please pledge your additional investment when the pitch page is back up at 5pm tomorrow.

Investments will be collected after Wednesday, 30th May.

@HannahCrowdcube please share additional info if any. :+1:


Nothing more to add here!

Hi @Freetrade_Team, do you have info on Crowdcube contacting the pledgers that have express interest quite early in the process? I have all payments ready to go go go… for some A-shares, but I have yet to hear anything and according to @HannahCrowdcube I should have gotten a message by now. Anyone else not received a message yet?

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Hello @chonkie, I am just sending over a reply to your direct message now

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Pitch Page is live again!

@HannahCrowdcube how long do you think it’ll take for us to hear back after expressing an interest? Is there a big waiting list?

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@HannahCrowdcube, @Viktor - i have pledged more now as well as after the campaign closed last week, please can you confirm when will i get the confirmation about accepting the amount i pledged?

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Hey @ss2302 Crowdcube is keeping the page open for a bit longer to allow others to express interest. After this period, Crowdcube closes the page so they can start processing new pledges (after this, the page won’t reopen again to express interest). Updates will come later today on the exact timings.

If your extra pledge is successful, you’ll receive confirmation during the processing period. Crowdcube will manage this process, so you should hear from them.

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@HannahCrowdcube @Viktor - As a cautious step I tried “express interest” link with a small amount. But not sure how this has had an impact big or small. I would like to contribute more. I tried the same link on CrowdCube, but it does not allow me to express further interest with another desired amount. How must I proceed? Thanking you in advance :hugs:

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Hey everyone.

We’ve reviewed with Crowdcube and here are the updates and timings on the process to swap in.

The steps to follow:

  1. Express your interest on the pitch page. The page will remain online until Friday 5pm 25th May.
  2. After this, Crowdcube will remove the pitch page, and they’ll email investment instructions to people whom they could fit in. You then have until 9am Tuesday 29th May to make your investment.

Payment collection will start at Wednesday 5pm May 30th.

Keep updating us here if you have any questions!


@Freetrade_Team Thank you for this information. Got a little question here :smiley: Is there any way we can identify and keep track of how much we have expressed, in total? Crowdcube appears not to reveal this information on the pitch page nor in individual profile unless it is an established investment.

(my other option of keeping track was the good old paper and pen :joy: )

Just didn’t want any surprise payment instructions from Crowdcube.

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Hey this should be something @HannahCrowdcube can answer, but my assumption is that you’ll have this detail in the email from Crowdcube after Friday 1pm asking if want you to follow through on your expressed interest.

Hi, @Freetrade_Team and @HannahCrowdcube - first post here and good to be on board! A quick question regarding Adam’s announcement on Crowdcube this morning (re: a chance to express interest to invest).

I already invested in this round, and shortly after the cap was reached I “expressed interest” to invest additional funds. Does the email this AM from Adam suggest that those investors who have already expressed interest in the past week will receive their allocation as part of this top up? Many thanks!

@adam said this on the pitch:

There are also always issues with individual cards not being accepted by Stripe (the payment processor) or payment details being entered incorrectly. Crowdcube will do their best to sort out these cases, but again, we’ll only hold up the process for a few days to sort issues and inevitably some investors will lose their chance, unfortunately.

I get the incorrect payment details not working but how can you reduce the chances of Stripe refusing to process the payment?

Do we now know what day(s) CrowdCube will take the payment?

There was a mention of ‘payment cycle’, do we know what these are? Or how far apart they are?

In other developments the pitch page just redirects. :slight_smile:

Is it better to email CrowdCube or do we ask @HannahCrowdcube?

Payment collection starts from 30 May and for a few days after I believe. I would get the funds into your account for then.


It’s all starting to get so real now! Only a few days left to decide.

I keep thinking do I want to tie this money up for at least 3 years? Maybe I should reduce my contribution.

Then I think what would I do with the money otherwise? Put it into another share, keep as cash. The potential for Freetrade could be life changing for me (in a positive way).

Like I said it is getting real now.

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