IMPORTANT: Very last chance to invest in Freetrade!


This is correct - collection process begins 5pm Wednesday 30th May, but will take some time to complete.

(Hannah) #26

Hi @AlwinP if you pop me a DM I can confirm the amount you have expressed interest for so far :slight_smile:

(Hannah) #27

Hi @ajw87, the pitch is currently open for people to express their interest to invest or increase their investment. Once this has closed later today we will be contacting these interested investors on a first come first serve basis to allow them access to the pitch

(Adam) #28

The ‘payment cycle’ refers to how Stripe takes payments. They do a run every day, until we tell them to stop. The majority of payment will be captured in the first run/day. Then investors who failed to make payment are then notified so they can try and resolve the issue before the next payment run (the next day).

After a few days of this there are always some people left that are either unable to resolve their card issue, or are unreachable, and we need to make a call on when to make the final payment run attempt and officially close the payment period in order to issue the share certificates.

(Hannah) #29

Hi @saf, once the 7 day review period expires on 30th May, we will aim to start collecting payment within 3 working days, please ensure the funds are in your account at this point.

Stripe will not refuse to process the payment, however, you bank might block this if they think it is an unusual payment, and therefore potentially fraudulent. If this happens, contact them to confirm the payment is legitimate, and then you can retake this via the payments section of your account.


Hey guys, we’ve adjusted the time the page will be open to express interest to 5pm today 25th May.

Then the page will then close and if you expressed interest, you’ll be emailed by Crowdcube shortly afterwards and have between 5pm today and 9am Tuesday to make the investment.

Payment collection process will still begin at 5pm Wednesday 30th May.

Apologies for all these fast-flying updates - we’re hoping to make sure no-one is left out or disappointed!


Hello to everyone who has expressed interest! (And @HannahCrowdcube)

The expressing interest period is now concluded. If you expressed interest, you’ll soon receive an email from Crowdcube with next steps to make the investment.

You’ll have until 9am Tuesday 29th May to make investments. However, we’ve seen much more interest expressed than we have space, so opportunity to invest will be on a first come, first served basis.

Money will only be collected from 5pm 30th May Wednesday.

(Nigel James) #32

I seem to have missed this deadline by about 3 hours… do you plan to repeat the funding or is it just too late; tough? If your mobile opening link had worked I’d have been in earlier! Grrrrrrrrr…

Ho hum.

(Vladislav Kozub) #34

Well, technically, they are £8k short at the moment (unless £3.1m is not a set in stone requirement).

So @navtis, contact @HannahCrowdcube and if there is any chance you still can invest, she would be the best to advise. But you better be quick!

If not, I hope @Cgwinning still cheered you up with additional benefits, you can still be proud of being one of the earliest community members which might potentially be rewarded at some point. Say, in ten years the Team may decide to give a yearly Alpha subscription (or perpetual) to the first 1000 customers/forum members - who knows now? Just go with a float and an opportunity will always come up if your enthusiasm does not fade.


There’s been a lot of interest, see this message from @adam on CrowdCube 4 days ago:

Update: Crowcube has received close to £1 million in additional expressions of interest on our pitch page, so far.

That’s a million since the pitch closed.

(Vladislav Kozub) #36

Even with that million, we are at £3.092m so there may still be a chance.

(Calum McWhir) #40

I don’t have specifics to hand, but that’s not the case. The circa £1m expressions of interest are being squeezed into a couple of hundred thousand (at most). Perhaps there’s a delay with Crowdcube allocation, or there’s not an exact amount that can be fit into the remaining portion.

I’m sure the team will report some interesting data towards the end of the week; a few of us are taking advantage of the long weekend / half term!

(Nigel James) #41

Well, thanks for all your input, but it seems like people are falling over themselves to give you money! (you must share your secret with me one of these days…). So I think I’ll just chill a while and see what transpires. Maybe I’ll just wait for your IPO :wink:

Thanks all.



Hey unfortunately the period and the swap in period are indeed now closed.

Sorry the link didn’t work for you! What happened?

(Nigel James) #43

Hi Toby,

I assume you meant the set up link on my iPhone. In which case this was the response clicking on your emailed link:

I tried it several times, including deleting the app, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app… etc.

What now?



Nigel James


Hey Nigel - thought you meant the private link to invest in Crowdcube.

Re magic links, still working on the fix - we’ll update soon as we have a universal solution

(Nigel James) #46

Ah, no, I gave up on the investment bit - I’ll wait for the IPO!



Nigel James

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