Freetrade's crowdfunding round 📈

Account suspended
Contact cc

R3 was circa 52p, not sure about the earlier ones. @Alex.s is your best bet to ask for such information :slight_smile:

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Up to 4m I believe…

I know! What’s the point of having the page if it isn’t going to be reflecting the actual status? Keeps saying “updated 4 minutes ago” as well. Incompetent.

R2 was 15.3p. I think R1 was about 8p but I missed that one

so R1 investors are sitting on a 10 bagger :slight_smile:


Refreshing the payment page now, to see if clicking the button will do anything… this is ridiculous.

Hey… As it’s live can you post the documents on the community?

The restrictions was releasing prior to Crowdcube I heard

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Got investment through on the app. Was logged-out on desktop and could not log back in. Recommend giving the app at least a try if you’re still struggling.

I’m afraid not, due to Crowdcube’s verification requirements.

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I only invested early hoping for EIS. I better get back to work before they send a search party


It’s not allowing me to invest my money because I haven’t filled out the stupid questionnaire which is stuck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and it’s nearly hit the £2m mark so I’m probably going to miss out on the EIS because of this. CrowdCube is such a let down so far.

2.1 million jeez !!!

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I can’t get past the enable notifications screen on Android, and I can’t download the app on my iPhone as Apple wants me to agree to updated terms, but won’t accept yes as an answer :frowning:

Has taken my £50 investment 3 times now how do I cancel 2?

Website stuck in a loop on the investor assessment page which I can’t get past.
App stuck on my profile page - fill in all my details and the Continue button is greyed out so can’t go anywhere (or work out if something is wrong).

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That’s so unnecessary (from them)

Showing as closed now the 2 million has been reached

If there’s a future funding round, let’s reflect upon this experience and possibly look at not doing it via CC. What a mess. :frowning:


for real? the pain is unreal. thanks a lot crowdcube. I wonder if seedrs is any better

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