Freetrade crowdfunding round 4 FAQs ❔

We are closing the round (and re-opening in June)

If you’ve already invested when the round first opened

When does the cooling off period start?

Crowdcube has confirmed if your investment has been successful via email. However the 7 day cooling off period does not start until the crowdfunding round is closed. Freetrade’s crowdfunding round is currently only paused :pause_button: You’ll receive an email from Crowdcube before the cooling off period starts.

Will I receive EIS?

If you’ve not yet invested

How to invest

When will I be able to invest?

Crowdfunding will take place on Thursday, April 25 at 12 PM UK time via Crowdcube. Community members will receive a head start link 20 minutes before 12 PM to give them a head start before the round is available for everyone to take part in. :running_woman:

What's Freetrade's new valuation?

The pre-money valuation is £36 million.

What's the price per share?

What's the most Freetrade will raise in this round (including overfunding)?

Do I need to pay for the investment straight away?

No! You only pledge the amount that you want to invest and then you have a ‘cooling off period’ :snowflake: of at least 7 days before you have to pay for your shares. The earliest you’ll have to pay for your shares is Thursday, May 2.

How long will private mode / the head start last?

To ensure our loyal community members have an opportunity to invest, we’ll give you an early head start by emailing you a link at 11:40, 20 minutes before the round opens to everyone. Those first 20 minutes of the round will effectively be in private mode, only accessible to our customers, community and people who signed up to our mailing list. Get on the mailing list by adding your email address on the Freetrade website.

What do I need to do to get early access?

Everyone who’s a Freetrade user, community member or joined our waitlist or mailing list will get the head start. Get on the mailing list by adding your email address on the Freetrade website.

Do I need to be a Freetrade user to invest?

No, see the answer to the previous question for more details! :+1:

Can investors share the head start link with friends & family?

Yes, users who receive a head start (private mode) link can share it with others.

Benefits for investors

What rewards will investors receive?

Is this round eligible for EIS?

What share types are on offer?

We’ll only issue B shares. Existing A shareholders will receive B shares when they invest in this round.

Using Crowdcube

How do I invest via Crowdcube?

We wrote a guide to help you set up an account. :blush:

Will the 1.5% Crowdcube fee apply in this fundraise?

Yes, Crowdcube charges a 1.5% fee on investments. The fee is a minimum of 50p & a maximum of £250. It’s added to the sum that you invest, rather than being deducted from your investment. There’s more details here.

Are existing shareholders exercising their pre-emption rights exempt from the 1.5% fee?


Who can invest?

If you’re over 18 and resident in a country that allows crowdfunding investments, you should be able to invest. A few countries do not allow their residents to crowdfund. Check out Crowdcube’s official guidelines here.

What's the minimum amount I can invest?

You can invest £10 or more.

What's the maximum amount I can invest?

You can invest up to £50,000.

Can I invest if I'm abroad?

Yes, as long as you as an individual meet the Crowdcube guidelines.

Info about Freetrade’s plans

When will the pitch deck be available?

We’ll share the pitch deck on the Crowdcube pitch page.

Where can I ask the team my questions?

You can ask the team your questions here. Or join us at the meetup at our office on 23rd April: Crowdfunding Freetrade event 👋

How will Freetrade use the funds raised?

We’re raising in order to:

  • Grow our engineering team and ship cool features faster
  • Invest in customer growth, especially with incentivised referrals
  • Expand to Europe in the later part of the year

More details here.

Is this a Series A?

It’s not! Freetrade is still an early stage startup.

Will there be more fundraising via crowdfunding / VCs in the future?