Let us know if you invested more than once in our crowdfunding round & you want to keep them all!

This form’s now closed, please email support@crowdcube.com if your investments have been removed & you would like them to be restored.


Hi @Freetrade_Team1

Just to add to the confusion, I changed my email shortly after making two investments.
I’ll add both emails (during & after), just in case

Cheers :smile:


Once the duplicated investments have been removed, will this be reflected in the amount pledged total, which is still currently over £2m?

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Yes it will :muscle:

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Can we confirm both, but potentially still cancel one during the cooling off period?

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Yes you can :slight_smile:

So will this those who invested after £2m get the EIS tax-relief, or will those new investors who get us back to £2m get the EIS tax-relief? If that makes sense :sweat_smile:

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Everyone who invested so far will get tax relief, assuming that once the duplicates are removed, less than £2m been invested, which we expect will be the case & HMRC gives us approval for the EIS allowance.

If you then invest when we reopen the round before a total of £2m has been invested, you would receive EIS.


Brilliant, thanks for the clarification!

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Do I still need to do this if they have reached out to me directly and I have confirmed I made the transactions and they are not duplicates?

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No in that case you’re already sorted :+1:

We’ll make sure they’ll know that. Thanks!

Brilliant, Thanks :+1:

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No worries, drop me a DM if you want to know which two emails they are.

Right, now off to watch End Game!



I entered my details on the form.

Just checked my Crowdcube portfolio page and they have still managed to delete half of my investment in Freetrade anyway.

I’m sorry to hear that, if you email support@crowdcube.com they should be able to undo that for you.

Thanks Alex, I’ll give that a go.

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CC have deleted an investment that wasn’t a dupe but I’ll give up the EIS to others as i don’t need it!

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Crowdcube have removed my duplicates now ( without any prior warning or email confirmation ).
ETA : now confirmed from them by email.


My duplicates have also been removed when I submitted my email for them not to be!!

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