Crowdfunding via Crowdcube - EIS?

Hi Guys,

So I currently have a Freetrade Plus account where I have a stocks and shares ISA and currently I am investing mainly into Index funds at the moment.

I’ve just got an e-mail because I use Curve that they are doing another round of crowdfunding via crowdcube.

I’ve never used this website before and currently in the process of signing up for this as I enjoy using Curve and think the idea behind it is good as well so I’d like to get invovled with the crowdfunding. My opinion and not financial advice

When signing up - I’m being asked if I will be claiming tax relief under Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) on any qualifying investments made now or in the future."

I’ve had to have a google around and being honest I’m not too sure how the schemes work and if it will have an affect on my current stocks and shares ISA that I have now.

I am fully employed and taxed via PAYE so unsure if I should answer “Claiming Tax Relief” as Yes or No.

Any advice would be much appreciated, cheers.

Definitely claim it, you’ll get 30% tax relief on your investment, and be exempt from capital gains tax if you do make a huge profit

It doesn’t have any effect on your ISA, it’s completely separate.

I’m PAYE as well. I usually get the 30% tax relief as a change in my tax code

Also, if they go bust you can claim loss relief to get some of your investment back


You should definitely claim it if it is available. You get 30% of the investement back as income tax relief but you need to hold the shares for 3 years.

It is easy to claim and it doesn’t affect your ISA.

You should definitely claim SEIS and EIS where applicable. Unfortunately Curve are not an EIS eligible business as they are too large to qualify.

Thank you for the response, if they don’t qualify for this then how will this affect me if I was to invest? Would I have to pay capital gains tax etc?