Stock & Shares vs EIS through crowdfundng


I have a question in regards to Freetrade’s current crowdfunding campaign as I’m new to the investing world I wanted to understand whether starting a “crowdfunding” account to invest in Freetrade.

Would conflict with government regulations which allow me to open only one Stocks & Shares ISA?

How does Crowdfunding track your ‘Net Assets’ and how does it affect your negatively if I were to start the account?



Hi Will,

Crowdfunding and the EIS are completely separate to the government’s ISA scheme, so investing into Freetrade wouldn’t impact your allowance account.

Just FYI, if you invest in the crowdfunding raise, this will be via Crowdcube, you won’t be starting a Freetrade account as a result, you will be holding equity directly in Freetrade instead.

As it is separate, it wouldn’t impact your Freetrade account in any way (with regards to your net assets).

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Thanks! That’s the answer I was just looking for, appreciate the insight!

Feel free to ask any additional questions if you want to clarify anything further/else.

Both Seedrs and Crowdcube have useful guidance on the EIS scheme and how it works if they’re of use: