Date of crowdcube payments for 2nd batch of May raise?

Could the powers that be @Viktor let the community know when the next fund collection happens? I will need to free up money and I dont like it sitting in my bank account. Beginning of July, middle or end? Ideally a precise date preferred if you know now.



I agree, that would be helpful And appreciated.:blush:

We’ve asked Crowdcube for the exact timeline.

It will be no earlier than mid-July. We’ll share an update as soon as that gets more exact.

Do you know when those who’s money has already been taken will receive their EIS forms? Thanks

Hi was there any update on EIS claim for this raise in May? I haven’t heard anything from FT or Crowd cube

I’ve claimed and received my EIS tax relief already from the May raise. I didn’t get a notification from Crowdcube that the EIS form was ready and had to check manually (using the desktop view rather than mobile view).
Still waiting on the July raise EIS form (they did a top up for existing investors).

How long did it take from posting the EIS to receiving the tax relief? That’s if you did it as a one off payment rather than change of tax code or self employed. Thanks.

I posted the form maybe around mid August, got paid a couple of weeks ago.
On the form I claimed my EIS allowance for last year as I didn’t want my tax code changed and wanted the cash transfer. Not sure if that’s the best way around it but beats recovering it over 12 months through lower tax payments.

Thanks MrChew - was sitting there in laptop view