EIS forms - R4

Has anybody received their EIS form from Crowdcube regarding R4 crowdfunding? How long does it usually take for them to process?

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I’ve not had mine yet, although I’ve heard it can take a while

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Not had mine yet either but then it’s still early on just got share certificate this morning. Doesn’t usually take all that long with follow up rounds as business has already been trading for 3 months.

Thanks @philgq, I am talking about the previous round which took place end of April. I thought that usually it takes up to 8wks, hence my question…

Ah yes sorry, it does seem it’s been a while. Maybe they will be doing both r4 and 5 together then.

I asked Crowdcube and was told 6-8 weeks from 10th July for R4


Any update on this?

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Both R4 and R5 are available on crowdcube for me.

I think you are referring to the share certificate, which is available from Crowdcube.
The EIS3 form is sent by post.

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Interesting, the EIS form for Round 4 is on the crowdcube website (digital version). Strange there was no notification


Where do I find this on their site?

Under Portfolio, then scroll to ‘complete’. There should be an option to ‘download certificates’ or if no digital eis certificate it will just say ‘download share certificate’

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Found it! Looks a tad confusing though

Very! Seedrs is much much better.

Can I suggest @Freetrade_Team & @HannahCrowdcube do a jargon busting EIS Form Colab post? :pray:


That would be great! Also hope R5 certificate will be available online soon too

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Company representative on mine is ‘Adam Dodd’ :thinking:

Digital one is nice! I wish all other companies and rounds would have done that too. Need to do paper shuffling on the rest of them.

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Has anyone found a guide on how to fill this in?

Would love to do it online, but not sure if we can do it now or have to wait?

Guess the average person would be PAYE without self assessment


Are you guys talking about finding online EIS forms or the share certificates? I can only find the share certificates in my Crowdcube and I am sure that my investment is EIS eligible…