EIS 3 claim

Can anyone help ? I’m looking to submit the above to HMRC. Do you think I can find an address to post the damn claim form, no! Anyone completed one before ?, if so which HMRC address does it get posted too ?

Thanks in advance.

It’s something like:

HMRC PAYE and Self Assessment and then a postcode.

You can probably find it online.

It’s not a proper address, you don’t need to send it to your local tax office despite what the form says but HMRC are crap for having out if date stuff on their forms. I will double check the address properly tomorrow for you.


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It depends if you are a PAYE or not.
If yes the address I did use is
I got the address after calling the HMRC because I couldn’t find it anywhere.
In this conversation you can find more details.

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I’d appreciate that, it’s not easy to find the address online, I’ve spent ages looking. I think HMRC prefer it that way :joy:

That’s great thank you. I am PAYE, but I’m going to add a covering note to see if the payment can be sent as a cheque and not a tax code adjustment.

No problems. I was exactly in the same position last time.
To be absolutely sure of your case is better contact them directly. They are helpful.
In my case I did receive the check by completing the boxes where it says “… for the year ended 5 April XXXX being the previous year” in this way they adjust the PAYE code of the previous year and send a check and some other papers with the calculations.

As someone stated in the mentioned conversation you need to input the whole amount , for example 100£ if you invested 100£, and not 30% of it. Because to chase them and have it adjusted to the whole amount is troublesome and time consuming.
They will automatically give you 30% on whatever amount you claim on up to your invested amount.
As final note just to be on the safe side, make a copy of it for you to keep in case it gets lost or any other problem.


Just spoken to HMRC it’s : Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment, HMRC, BX9 1AS