Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know what address to send the EIS form back to? I’ve looked online and the HMRC information is pretty damn confusing.

Would appreciate if anyone can help out here.

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HM Revenue and Customs
Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment

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Thanks Dave! I saw online that you can’t send letters directly to the BX postcodes? Correct me if I’m wrong

That address is where I sent mine, I’ve since had a letter changing my tax code and the tax on this months payslip is much reduced, so it must be right

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Cheers dave, I’ll send it to that address. How long did they take to get back to you?

It was a few weeks I think, it wasn’t fast. To be honest this months payslip was a nice surprise, I thought they had changed the code for next year :laughing:

Paying less tax is always a sweet treat! I’ve sent mine off just now so let’s see if I can get mine before the end of this financial year :smiley:

Letters sent by Royal Mail are fine, but courier services can’t use the BX postcodes. Probably because it’s not a geographic street address. HMRC will have an agreement in place with Royal Mail to direct letters to the correct location, which may not necessarily be any one site. It could direct to multiple locations depending on origin, workload, etc.

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