Freetrade's crowdfunding round 📈

The email confimation lists what EIS you got below where it says your investment

edit: I was beaten too it!

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It will tell you explicitly in your confirmation email if is EIS or not EIS

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This is the issue Crowdcube told us were focusing on fixing.

When I click the link it takes me to their homepage, when I search for Freetrade I can’t see it listed on the site.

Thanks a lot for the hard work Viktor :love_you_gesture:


The raise has stopped for the time being :frowning:


It’s currently been taken down as the FT crowdfunding broke the site. They’re currently in the process of fixing it and FT will let us know when we get an opportunity to invest again. There are few of us who missed out on EIS because of these issues though…

If we have invested multiple times through this error, are the multiples just going to be cancelled without consultation with us? or will we get to cancel it ourselves and this will be fixed going forward?

In the iOS app, I had three separate investment listed, all with a cancel button, so you should be able to cancel the specific ones and keep the one you want, unless they were some where on the margin of EIS eligibility you should be ok, otherwise may be contact Crowdcube support to make sure you don’t loose EIS eligibility in case that applies to you.

Equally there are others who have been able to benefit from EIS. As long as everyone in the FT community has the opportunity to invest before the wider world, I will be happy.

If I was on the other side, I would not want a reset. What is unlucky for some is lucky for others.


I’ve just received this off crowdcube Andy,

I can confirm that your investment was not successful, however there will still be an opportunity to invest (and with EIS available) - Freetrade will notify you of when the pitch reopens.
Looks like when they fix all the people who invested more than once it may drop back below the 2 million

so if we made it and pledged money, is our investment secured now?


But in reality we did, the link was in here dead on 11:40, and it wasn’t live on CC for another 8ish minutes.

I got very lucky and got my investment through in the first minute or two. I’ll be pretty annoyed now if it’s all ‘reset’ and I somehow miss out on EIS just because it has to be reset to be ‘fair’…

Hopefully if we made an investment and it qualified for EIS at the time it is actually locked in…


I’ve been stuck in a workshop out of all days and missed out on the crowd funding.

We are writing a proper update for you right now, but the good news is, some of the EIS allowance is still available, due to Crowdcube’s duplication issue. That’s a bit of a good news today, and we’ll make sure to give you a fair chance to invest with the EIS allowance.


I managed to access through cc app a minute ago. But on the payment page when I click Invest, and error comes up saying “Opportunity restricted to some users”

If CC have the functionality (and it sounds as though they might) then they should be able to see which CC users have tried to invest only for the process to fail midway through - they could then put them in a specific user group to allow them first access to the re-opened process.

That might be too logical though!

If the site crashed on you during the payment phase… It’s worth checking your portfolio to make sure you’re investment hasn’t gone through multiple times! I had to cancel a duplicate investment

Hi Victor,

I have invested the same amount twice after time gap , will there be any issue for me? i want both the investments to go through .

Will CC do this case by case or they cancel all the second investments which are same as the first investment ?


Need to open to FS account holders first., then community, then public. I’m a recent FS account holder (waiting for android release), but couldn’t get through at all this morning… Or for subsequent hour. Not quite fair to open to those first that partly got through and failed, I tried but didn’t get through at all, should have same opportunity.