Value of Freetrade Shares

Hells bells, many thanks
I just dug out my 2017 cert I think it was 15p for an A share

Is it the same price for a and b shares do you know?


Their monetary values are identical but A shares have voting and pre-emption rights. They are also less liquid and cannot be transferred unless offered to existing A shareholders first. Then they will most likely have to be converted to B shares (presumably without a loss in value) before you can dispose of them to any other third party. I believe you could DM @dan.t to get finer details about your possibilities :slight_smile:

Thanks mate
I Should be more clued up I suppose

Would you mind going through how you calculated the share price? Did you do this from the financial statement?


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Because that’s what they are currently being sold for :eyes:

There’s a handy summary of the details about our latest round in this wiki -

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That’s great Alex, much appreciated!

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Round 4 is around 84p. All the rounds as a Table:

Round Share Price
R1 8p
R2 15p
R3 52p
R4 84p

BTW - The pitch page for Freetrade is down.


Cheers Saf,

Yes I had noticed the pitch page was down. Fortunately I was able to request the financials before then.

Thanks, we’re looking into that.

If you’ve invested then you can still access the page via the mobile app at the moment.

The pitch page goes down whenever someone adjusts their pledged amounts, either via the transactions page or by asking via support :see_no_evil:

Out of interest when will the completions period begin? More specifically the cooling off period.
Update - Cooling off period has started, it ends 7th May 2019 at 23.59:59, the exact share price in this round is £0.843240.


Am I right in thinking that there was a ‘bridging’ round in Feb 18 or is that Round 3?

Round 1 August 2016
Round 2 March 2017
Round 3 June 2018
These are payment collection dates so may differ to the raise or share issue dates.
There has been some dilution but I assume this is employees being issued shares etc.


Many thanks

Turns out I wasnt it at R1…I was in at R2 after all

Freetrade shares :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to the beauty that is Freetrade ownership. May it bring joy and wealth :+1:


Yeah got mine today. Any ideas how long till we’re shown as investors in here and with regards to app badges etc ?

We’ll get the community badges in place this week, and as for app icons/badges – we’ll get a more accurate ETA tomorrow, but these are not far from making their way into production :wink:


The Share price for R5 was £0.84324 I believe; I believe the number of shares on the Certificate is incorrect; is this something to take up with FT or Crowdcube?

I think that’s the r4 price