We smashed our Crowdcube round again... again

Slight deja vu! We’ve smashed our Crowdcube round again… again.

We’ve closed the round with £4m pledged, overfunding to 400%, with over 5,000 investors participating in the round.

Thank you to our investors old and new! We can’t wait to deliver all the features and growth your investment will power.

What happens now? :raised_hands:

Now the round is closed, Crowdcube will activate a seven-day cooling-off period where investors can consider their decision before their pledges become final investments. You’ll get an email from them in the next day or so to confirm the start of that period.

After the cooling-off period has expired, they’ll charge your designated card on Crowdcube and your investment will be made. This payment collection stage usually takes around 2–3 working days. The full Crowdcube info is here.

After that, you’ll be added to our shareholder register and own a piece of Freetrade. Welcome aboard!

What we’ll do with your investment :muscle:

These are our major plans for the funds we raise:

  • Grow our engineering team and accelerate our feature rollout and the Investment Platform :woman_technologist:
  • Invest in customer growth :muscle:
  • Expand to our first European markets :eu:

We’ve already made significant progress.

In particular, we’ve launched our waitlists for four European markets and started testing incentivised referrals with investors, including from this round. If you invested in this round for the first time and want to receive a free share for referring a friend to Freetrade, head here.

We’ve also recently received our extra permissions from the FCA to enable fractional UK and European shares.

What’s the plan for funding Freetrade in the future? :thinking:

One of our most common questions!

Crowdfunding is and always will be the heart of Freetrade. So far, our community have funded us to the tune of over £10m, including this round. To take the product and the company to the next level, we plan to add institutional investors to the mix in the next 12 months.

Since we’ve closed the round at £4m, we still have potential space for £1m more crowdfunding in the next 12 months too.

What about those sweet rewards? :gift:

We think that investing in Freetrade is its own reward, but we also have…

“Where are my socks?”

OK! This is the rough timing for rewards:

Community investor profile badges and in-app badges — £10

Timing: 2 weeks, EO August

The community badges will be rolled out in the forum in the days after the round fully closes. The in-app badges inside your profile will take a bit longer — here’s what they’ll look like.


Investor app icons — £100

Timing: EO August

Special investor Freetrade app icons on your phone homescreen will roll out at the same time as in-app badges.


Swag — £500

Timing: A couple of months

Swag (classic Freetrade socks and fancy water bottle) will be with you in the next few months.

Freetrade Alpha (for 3 months) — £1,000

Timing: By end of year (Alpha)

Our premium Freetrade Alpha tier, which gives you free Instant orders and a free ISA, is currently under construction. We’ll be in touch with you to activate your free 3 month stint of Alpha when the feature launches.

Founding Member (Badge and free Alpha for 12 months) — £5,000

Timing: EO August (badge), By end of year (Alpha)

The founding member badge will be activated with the other investor badges and icons. We’ll be in touch to activate your 12 months of free Alpha when the feature launches.

Alpha for Life — £25,000

Timing: A couple of weeks

Alpha is still under construction but we can activate the Alpha for life reward early, meaning you won’t be charged for Instant orders and your ISA will be free forever

Note that the timing may shift around a bit depending on how quickly we ship certain features.

Thanks again to everyone who invested in this round!


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