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The blockchain technology yes.

Picking the single crypto that will be the future, mad speculation. Unless there has already been a world decision made between the top financial players and they have secretly agreed Bitcoin is the major player in the future.

Which is the part I question. Is there something big that certain people know, that the others do not?

Nobody needs to ‘secretly agree’ on anything for Bitcoin to be the dominant cryptocurrency. They need to buy it, and keep buying it in absolute bucketloads, just like they are doing now. The network effect is already huge and it will continue to grow to a level that is pretty much exponential. Think of it as a positive feedback loop - the bigger and better Bitcoin gets, the more people will use it, trust it and work on it, therefore making it better and more secure which will strongly influence the rate of adoption.

There will be many extremely useful cryptocurrencies and use cases for blockchain technology in the future and Bitcoin and its network effect is what will allow them to succeed.


There has already been a world decision. Bitcoin is the underlying crypto asset that all others are measured against. It certainly wasn’t decided by the world financial institutions, they were much later to the party.
BTC had first mover advantage, but that doesn’t always correlate with ongoing dominance. In this case however it has maintained a trading dominance above 60% since the invention of blockchain. It’s trading dominance even pushes above 70% on occasions.
BTC dominance was decided before the big financial institutions became interested. The financial institutions are now cementing that dominance by piling into BTC in preference to all the other crypto assets.

I would suggest that the deal is done… BTC has reached a level of dominance in the crypto sphere that makes it almost impossible to challenge as the dominant asset.

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I don’t disagree with your analysis of how it is today, just with your conclusion that it’s a done deal. There are coins that are so much better configurated than Bitcoin that they’ll definitely play a large role. E.g. ethereum already has many more actual transactions than Bitcoin.

Almost all other coins are better configured than BTC. :joy:

As a point of sale payment, there are already many options better than BTC. Loads of networks are almost instant and virtually free to transfer. I think that this market has definitely yet to be decided. There may be more than one eventual winner. The eventual winner(s) may not have even been created yet.

Smart contract ability will probably come down to the current main players like Etherium, Cardano, Polkadot etc. But there is loads of room for different platforms, especially with cross chain functionality bearing fruit now.

But when it comes to the international currency that all other coins are measured against and acts as the reserve currency… I think that has to be BTC .

I could be wrong of course

Dropping loads this is…will Argo go up to what riot was or will it fall flat ?

Is it likely riot will keep going up ?

Unfortunately nobody knows that for sure or everyone would be rich. If you think crypto is the future and you think Riot is positioned well vis-a-vis the other miners then buy, otherwise don’t.

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It’s not looking so good . Any advice on whether it might go back up ?

The price of Riot is heavily influenced by sentiment towards the BTC price. Mining revenue is huge at the moment, better than last month, so the fundamentals haven’t changed just the sentiment.

Wait until the next parabolic rise of the BTC price and Roit should follow suit.

Put Riot Blockchain into Twitter search that will give u idea of how it’s doing