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Revolutionising the world with cutting edge research and development, Online Blockchain is leading innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralised ecosystems.

  • Incubating exciting cryptocurrency startups.
  • Developing technical innovation in the blockchain space.
  • Setting the standard for the decentralised tomorrow.

Online Blockchain provide continuous development and maintenance for a number of cryptocurrency projects worldwide.

  • PlusOne Coin. A cryptocurrency that financially rewards community activity on popular finance forums such as ADVFN and iHub.
  • Happy Pool. A user-focused cryptocurrency mining pool backed by a strong community.
  • Brazio. Solving Brazil’s banking problem, with a local cryptocurrency.
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It on freetrade now!!

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Is this worth buying?

Judging by their online presence/adoption of their projects - (ever heard of PlusONE Coin? - according to coingecko it has a 24-hour trading volume of $365). Their other project, BrazioCoin has attracted a grand total of 76 followers on Twitter. This looks like a rather obvious attempt to profit from the buzz around crypto (“Online Blockchain!” So high-tech!) and it is very unfortunate if this really is the “UK’s leading blockchain research and development company”.


Thought I’d have a look in here after looking at their website as it sounded like horseshit, turns out I was right :joy:

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Still gonna chuck a tenner at it :blush:


Oh ffs my order didn’t go through, was just sat there pending now it’s up 10p already :roll_eyes:.

I’ll have to try and catch it on a dip, had that queued from yesterday as well thinking it’ll be straight in at market open.

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Actually didn’t end up investing in them and jumped on Argo Blockchain instead. Only £10.

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Does this have much potential as Argo/riot etc