50 brand new stocks, 11th May 2021

This week’s batch of new stocks has arrived, and we’re pleased to include several highly-requested securities from the community along with other massive additions.

Let’s dive straight in.

New AIM 100-listed company, £BOKU

But first, a rare Silicon Valley-based company listed in London on the FTSE AIM 100 Index.

Boku Inc is a mobile payments firm that allows businesses to collect online payments through both carrier billing and mobile wallets.

£BOKU IPO’d in 2017 and you can read more about the company here:

As part of the AIM 100, £BOKU is available to all Freetrade users.

We’ve got a handful of AIM 100 stocks that we plan to add shortly, plus lots more AIM All-Share stocks that are coming up.

BowX Acquisition Corp, the WeWork SPAC

This special-purpose acquisition company declared at the end of March that it intends to acquire WeWork, the flexible office space provider. The firm is expected to be valued at around $9bn with WeWork receiving $1.3bn, with around $800m earmarked for previous investors.

Community requests

Here are 11 stocks requested by you, either on dedicated threads or via the stock request form:

  • Mind Medicine Inc — $MNMD
  • CleanSpark Inc — $CLSK
  • KB Financial Group Inc — $KB
  • Freedom Holding Corp/NV — $FRHC
  • ON24 Inc — $ONTF
  • Energy Fuels Inc/Canada — $UUUU
  • Passage Bio Inc — $PASG
  • Rekor Systems Inc — $REKR
  • Newtek Business Services Corp — $NEWT
  • Altimmune Inc — $ALT
  • The ExOne Co — $XONE

Big-name Chinese and Brazilian additions

Some huge names in the world of mobile, telecoms and energy are now on your app:

  • Cheetah Mobile — $CMCM — this Chinese mobile giant has over 600 million users at the time of writing. Please note: for regulatory reasons, this stock is not eligible to be held in an ISA. It is SIPP eligible.
  • Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras SA — $EBR — this Brazilian energy company is the largest in Latin America, and one of the biggest clean energy producers on the planet.
  • TIM SA — $TIMB — another Brazilian firm, Tim SA is a subsidiary of Telecom Italia and provides cellular coverage to over 60m Brazilians.
  • Eni SpA — $E — owner of a coveted single-character ticker, this Italian energy company is involved in the production of various energy sources including liquefied natural gas.

Full list

Ticker Stock Universe ISA eligible? SIPP eligible?
AKOA Embotelladora Andina SA Free Yes Yes
ALT Altimmune Inc Free Yes Yes
ANDE Andersons Inc Plus Yes Yes
ANIK Anika Therapeutics Inc Plus Yes Yes
ANIX Anixa Biosciences Inc Free Yes Yes
ARAY Accuray Incorporated Free Yes Yes
AVAL Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores SA Free Yes Yes
BATRA Liberty Media Corp-Liberty Braves Free Yes Yes
BCC Boise Cascade Co Plus Yes Yes
BOKU Boku Inc Free Yes Yes
BOWX BowX Acquisition Corp Free Yes Yes
CALM Cal-Maine Foods Inc Plus Yes Yes
CEIX CONSOL Energy Inc Plus Yes Yes
CIT CIT Group Inc Free Yes Yes
CLSK CleanSpark Inc Free Yes Yes
CMCM Cheetah Mobile Inc Free No Yes
CNS Cohen & Steers Inc Free Yes Yes
CONN Conn’s Inc Plus Yes Yes
DBVT DBV Technologies SA Free Yes Yes
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares Inc Plus Yes Yes
DLTH Duluth Holdings Inc Free Yes Yes
DSEY Diversey Holdings Ltd Free Yes Yes
E Eni SpA Free Yes Yes
EBR Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA Free Yes Yes
EXTN Exterran Corporation Free Yes Yes
FLXN Flexion Therapeutics Inc Free Yes Yes
FOR Forestar Group Inc Free Yes Yes
FRHC Freedom Holding Corp/NV Free Yes Yes
GCO Genesco Inc Plus Yes Yes
INNV Innovage Holding Corp Free Yes Yes
KB KB Financial Group Inc Free Yes Yes
LXU LSB Industries Inc Free Yes Yes
MDRX Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc Plus Yes Yes
MNMD Mind Medicine Inc Free Yes Yes
MYTE MYT Netherlands Parent BV Free Yes Yes
NEWT Newtek Business Services Corp Free Yes Yes
NKTX Nkarta Inc Free Yes Yes
OCSL Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation Free Yes Yes
OLK Olink Holding AB Free No Yes
ONTF ON24 Inc Free Yes Yes
ONTO Onto Innovations Inc Plus Yes Yes
ORIC ORIC Pharmaceuticals Free Yes Yes
PASG Passage Bio Inc Free Yes Yes
REKR Rekor Systems Inc Free Yes Yes
RLX RLX Technology Inc Free Yes Yes
RMAX RE/MAX Holdings Inc Plus Yes Yes
TILE Interface Inc Plus Yes Yes
TIMB TIM SA Free Yes Yes
TVTX Travere Therapeutics Inc Free Yes Yes
UUUU Energy Fuels Inc/Canada Free Yes Yes
WAB Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation Free Yes Yes
XOG Extraction Oil & Gas Inc Free Yes Yes
XONE The ExOne Co Free Yes Yes

Let us know what you think of this week’s batch!

And while we’re here, don’t forget to join us tomorrow night at the community meetup. We’re looking forward to answering your questions!

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When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.


Again? No Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (V3AM)? When can we have this @Freetrade_Team or at least tell us why this has not been added? @Viktor


Good to see more uranium with uuuu

Why we haven’t added it: low liquidity that would about guarantee rejected orders most of the time.

We’re continuously monitoring this ETF, and we’re keen to add it as soon as it meets our liquidity bar.

Thanks for your patience!


How is that ETF is deemed to have low volume?

From LSE page, it has around 100k trade per day.

There are a lot of stocks and etfs have lower volume than that.

Don’t believe me? Check the source yourself

That one not on Freetrade

Or this

Both below 10k trades daily and they are deemed to have high enough volume.

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I thought the same daba, I was extremely surprised by the response given the inflows into this ETF and the volumes it’s doing.

However when I looked at the exports there does seem to be a problem with liquidity, perhaps it’s not adequately covered yet? Doesn’t make sense to me.

No idea how the average spread is 575bps, whenever I’ve looked the spread has been tiny.


Spread matters if you wanna trade, but if you want to hold it until the next pope dies, does it really matter? The spread will tighten as more and more investors join.

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I completely sympathise with what you’re saying, Daba! We really want to add this ETF.

Unfortunately, it rarely goes above 20-ish daily trades. We need at least around 50:

We will continue to monitor it. Again, thanks for your patience.


A 5% spread would definitely be reason enough not to add it.

I think that 575bps figure is misleading (I don’t know how it is calculated) but looking at today’s trade the typical spread seemed to be 15-20bps which is pretty good.

But the headline stock in this thread (£BOKU) almost never hits 20 trades and seems to have poorer liquidity than V3AM.

If this is an issue with coverage or the reported liquidity metric from LSE being funky then fair enough, but unless I’m missing something the liquidity argument doesn’t make any sense to me.

I don’t want to seem overly impatient about V3AM, as I don’t mind too much, however I’m now quite confused about what the eligibility screening process actually involves as I don’t believe number of trades is a good proxy for liquidity.

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What you’re missing here is that BOKU is the first stock where we’re trying a new approach to manage the liquidity problem differently. Our teams have done some good work to make BOKU happen.


Interesting, that sounds exciting - is this something you could share more details on please? Should we expect better liquidity on Freetrade than rival platforms?

I’d love to test it out myself by buying and immediately selling to see what spread comes out as and comparing to other platforms but sadly I can’t.

Regarding liquidity in general, you’ve got stocks with quite bad liquidity on the platform, which is resulting in poor outcomes for users (even if the fault is their own):

I have no problem with FT offering low liquidity securities, but it just seems inconsistent with the reasoning around V3AM. Unless this is just a case of # trades being used (£HUR does have 100+ trades per day) but doesn’t that just demonstrate that this doesn’t necessarily imply good liquidity?

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Thanks for raising the question Daba. We’ve been waiting on a separate thread for 2 months now for any kind of answer. This is a buy and hold investment and also 2 months old ETF so the trades won’t be massive. Yet!!!

What about a message that warns of low liquidity/high volatility and I can say that I accept the risk.

I think this warning is sadly reserved for hot AIM stocks and SPACs. They let people trade MAST even though they warned of extreme volatility and liquidity issues.

Nice one… It’ll help keep me busy whilst im furloughed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On24 (Ontf) appeared and disappeared…
When will it be available on Freetrade?

Nice list of additions, although Eni ($E) doesn’t seem to be available in the ISA as it says on the list.

@Viktor can we get Keystone Law (£KEYS) added to the free universe in the next batch of stocks? I’ve been requesting this one for ages and it would be great to get it in my portfolio.

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