Better than Black Friday: 300 new AIM stocks added! 💥 19th Nov 2021

Hi everyone!

An early Black Friday surprise has arrived on your Freetrade app. :gift:

Freetrade Plus members now have access to practically all UK AIM stocks with the addition of 300 tickers to the app today, including popular community requests like Cake Box, Quantum Blockchain, Revolution Beauty, AMTE Power, Water Intelligence, Keystone Law and Warpaint London.

Find these stocks on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now and, if you’re not already a Freetrade Plus member - upgrade today!

Full list (All ISA and SIPP eligible)

Ticker Stock
SPA 1Spatial Plc
4BB 4Basebio Plc
ACC Access Intelligence Plc
ACRL Accrol Group Holdings
AEG Active Energy Group
AOM Activeops Plc
ADT Adept Technology Group
ADV Advance Energy Plc
AVO Advanced Oncotherapy Plc
AEO Aeorema Communications Plc
AGTA Agriterra Ltd
AFM Alpha Financial Markets Consulting
ALS Altus Strategies Plc
ALU Alumasc Group Plc
AMTE Amte Power Plc
ANX Anexo Group Plc
ANG Angling Direct Plc
ANCR Animalcare Group Plc
ANP Anpario Plc
APP Appreciate Group Plc
AQX Aquis Exchange Plc
ARBB Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc
ARG Argos Resources Ltd
AUK Aukett Swanke Group Plc
AUTG Autins Group Plc
BPM B.P. Marsh & Partners Plc
B90 B90 Holdings Plc
BARK Barkby Group Plc
BKS Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc
BELL Belluscura Plc
BLV Belvoir Group Plc
BEM Beowulf Mining Plc
BOTB Best of the Best Plc
BILN Billington Holdings Plc
BIOM Biome Technologies Plc
BLTG Blancco Technology Group Plc
BRD BlueRock Diamonds Plc
BONH Bonhill Group Plc
BOR Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc
BOD Botswana Diamonds Plc
BHL Bradda Head Lithium Limited Npv (Di)
BRSD BrandShield Systems Plc
BBSN Brave Bison Group Plc
BRCK Brickability Group Plc
BRK Brooks Macdonald Group Plc
CBOX Cake Box Holdings Plc
CLX Calnex Solutions Plc
CMB Cambria Africa Plc
COG Cambridge Cognition Holdings Plc
CAM Camellia Plc
CNKS Cenkos Securities Plc
CER Cerillion Plc
CMH Chamberlin Plc
CCT Character Group Plc
CNG China Nonferrous Gold Ltd
CHH Churchill China Plc
CRC Circle Property Plc
CLON Clontarf Energy Plc
CALL Cloudcall Group Plc
CLCO CloudCoCo Group Plc
CMO CMO Group Plc
COM Comptoir Group Plc
CIC Conygar Investment Co. Plc
CRU Coral Products Plc
CNS Corero Network Security Plc
CSFS Cornerstone Fs Plc
CORO Coro Energy Plc
CRPR Cropper (James) Plc
CRS Crystal Amber Fund Ltd
CBP Curtis Banks Group Plc
DKL Dekel Agri-Vision Plc
DEMG Deltex Medical Group Plc
DWHT Dewhurst Plc
DWHA Dewhurst Plc (Non Voting)
DXRX Diaceutics Plc
DNM Dianomi Plc
DBOX Digitalbox Plc
DSG Dillistone Group Plc
DCTA Directa Plus Plc
DIS Distil Plc
DPP DP Poland Plc
DRV Driver Group Plc
EYE Eagle Eye Solutions Group Plc
EAH Eco Animal Health Group Plc
EDEN Eden Research Plc
EAAS eEnergy Group Plc
EDR Egdon Resources Plc
ELCO Eleco Plc
ELIX Elixirr International Plc
EML Emmerson Plc
EMR Empresaria Group Plc
EXR Engage Xr Holdings Plc
NTQ Enteq Technologies Plc
ENW Enwell Energy Plc
ESO EPE Special Opportunities Ltd
EPWN Epwin Group Plc
ESYS Essensys Plc
ENET Ethernity Networks Ltd
EOG Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) Plc
FLX Falanx Group Ltd
FOG Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd
FIH FIH Group Plc
FLTA Filta Group Holdings Plc
FCAP FinnCap Group Plc
FA. FireAngel Safety Technology Group
FLO Flowtech Fluidpower Plc
FWD Forward Partners Group Plc
FRAN Franchise Brands Plc
FEN Frenkel Topping Group Plc
FIPP Frontier IP Group Plc
GAL Galantas Gold Corp
GLR Galileo Resources Plc
GENI Genincode Plc
GETB GetBusy Plc
GLAN Glantus Holdings Plc
GBP Global Petroleum Ltd
GOOD Good Energy Group Plc
GHS Gresham House Strategic Plc
GFM Griffin Mining Ltd
HSP Hargreaves Services Plc
HMI Harvest Minerals Ltd
HDT Holders Technology Plc
IGE Image Scan Holdings Plc
IPEL Impellam Group Plc
ITS In The Style Group Plc
IIP Infrastructure India Plc
INSG Insig AI Plc
SPEC Inspecs Group Plc
INSE Inspired Plc
INSP Inspirit Energy Holdings Plc
INS Instem Plc
IUG Intelligent Ultrasound Group Plc
IGP Intercede Group Plc
IQG IQGeo Group Plc
IRON Ironveld Plc
ITIM Itim Group Plc Plc
JSE Jadestone Energy Plc
LTHM James Latham Plc
JAN Jangada Mines Plc
JIM Jarvis Securities Plc
JWNG Jaywing Plc
JLH John Lewis of Hungerford Plc
JNEO Journeo Plc
KBT K3 Business Technology Group Plc
KDR Karelian Diamond Resources Plc
KZG Kazera Global Plc
KEYS Keystone Law Group
KWG Kingswood Holding Ltd
KIST Kistos Plc
KITW Kitwave Group Plc
KOO Kooth Plc
LOGP Lansdowne Oil & Gas Plc
LINV Lendinvest Plc
LEX Lexington Gold Ltd
LVCG Live Company Group Plc
LORD Lords Group Trading Plc
LGRS Loungers Plc
LPA LPA Group Plc
MPE M. P. Evans Group Plc
MAI Maintel Holdings Plc
MLVN Malvern International Plc
MFX Manx Financial Group Plc
MAC Marechale Capital Plc
MTW Mattioli Woods Plc
MDZ MediaZest Plc
MPL Mercantile Ports and Logistics Ltd
MBH Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc
SAAS Microlise Group Plc
MSYS Microsaic Systems Plc
MIND Mind Gym Plc
MMX Minds + Machines Group Ltd
MAFL Mineral & Financial Investments Ltd
MIN Minoan Group Plc
MJH MJ Hudson Group Plc
MKA Mkango Resources Ltd
MBT Mobile Tornado Group Plc
MTC Mothercare Plc
MSI MS International Plc
MWE MTI Wireless Edge Ltd
MUL Mulberry Group Plc
MMAG Musicmagpie Plc
NAH NAHL Group Plc
NET Netcall Plc
NWT Newmark Security Plc
NEXS Nexus Infrastructure Plc
NBB Norman Broadbent Plc
CODE Northcoders Group Plc
NWF NWF Group Plc
ONC Oncimmune Holdings Plc
OTMP OnTheMarket Plc
OPG OPG Power Ventures Plc
ORCA Orcadian Energy Plc
OPP Origo Partners Plc
ORM Ormonde Mining Plc
OSI Osirium Technologies Plc
PTY Parity Group Plc
MEAL Parsley Box Group Plc
PFP Pathfinder Minerals Plc
PEBB The Pebble Group Plc
PEN Pennant International Group Plc
PGH Personal Group Holdings Plc
PEG Petards Group Plc
PET Petrel Resources Plc
PTR Petroneft Resources Plc
PTAL PetroTal Corp
PIP PipeHawk Plc
PTD Pittards Plc
PMP Portmeirion Group Plc
PMI Premier Miton Group Plc
PRP Prime People Plc
PRIM Primorus Investments Plc
PXEN Prospex Energy Plc
PPS Proton Motor Power Systems Plc
QBT Quantum Blockchain Technologies Plc
QTX Quartix Technologies Plc
QXT Quixant Plc
RAI RA International Group Plc
RLE Real Estate Investors Plc
RGD Real Good Food Plc
RCN Redcentric Plc
REVB Revolution Beauty Group Plc
RGO RiverFort Global Opportunities Plc
ROL Rotala Plc
RTC RTC Group Plc
RUR Rurelec Plc
SSTY Safestay Plc
SED Saietta Group Plc
LEND Sancus Lending Group Ltd
SDG Sanderson Design Group
SAG Science Group Plc
SIS Science in Sport Plc
SWG Shearwater Group Plc
SHOE Shoe Zone Plc
SBDS Silver Bullet Data Services Group Plc
SIM SimiGon Ltd
SPE Sopheon Plc
SBI Sourcebio International Plc
SAL SpaceandPeople Plc
SPR Springfield Properties Plc
STA Star Phoenix Group Ltd
SVE Starvest Plc
STCM Steppe Cement Ltd
STM STM Group Plc
SUP Supreme Plc
SUR Sureserve Group Plc
SCE Surface Transforms Plc
SNX Synectics Plc
TAST Tasty Plc
TAM Tatton Asset Management Plc
TEAM Team Plc
TENG Ten Lifestyle Group Plc
SIXH The 600 Group plc
ART The Artisanal Spirits Company Plc
FUL The Fulham Shore Plc
TFW Thorpe (F.W.) Plc
THRU Thruvision Group Plc
TMO Time Out Group Plc
TNT Tintra Plc
TON Titon Holdings Plc
TST Touchstar Plc
TPX TPXimpact Holdings Plc
TRAK Trakm8 Holdings Plc
TRT Transense Technologies Plc
TRLS Trellus Health Plc
TRB Tribal Group Plc
TRR Trident Royalties Plc
TRU Trufin Plc
TUNG Tungsten Corp Plc
UPR Uniphar Plc
UVEL Univision Engineering Ltd
URU URU Metals Ltd
VANL Van Elle Holdings Plc
VARE Various Eateries Plc
VCAP Vector Capital Plc
VEL Velocity Composites Plc
VRCI Verici Dx Plc
VNET Vianet Group Plc
VINO Virgin Wines Uk Plc
VLE Volvere Plc
W7L Warpaint London Plc
WATR Water Intelligence Plc
WEN Wentworth Resources
WTE Westmount Energy Ltd
XPD Xpediator Plc
YNGA Young & Co’s Brewery Plc (Class A)
ZED Zenova Group Plc
ZIN Zinc Media Group
ZOL Zoltav Resources Inc

These stocks may have lower liquidity and trading may be extremely volatile, with a higher likelihood of rejected orders. Less liquid stocks often have a broader spread between the price at which you will be able to sell or buy a stock. If using market orders please be aware that there is a risk that the price at which your order is filled could significantly differ from the last displayed price in the app.


Thanks. What happened to Maxcyte out of interest? Looks like you were lining it up as it has a thread created by Sam


Excellent. This means I can transfer the rest of my holdings over to Freetrade now using the new transfer service. Double win.


Fantastic work guys. This covers a whole load of shares that I was interested in.

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Nice work and much appreciated.

However, what happened to Caerus Mineral Resources?


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Hi @Mat . Thanks for your kind words!

Caerus Mineral Resources isn’t actually an AIM stock and hence wasn’t included in this batch - but it’s definitely one we’ll look to add in the future :slight_smile:


Hi @winnie - unfortunately we had to remove a couple of AIM stocks with US ISINs, including Maxcyte, as they require some further checks on our side. We are working away on these and hope to add them to the app soon!


Isn’t LST included yet?

Would be great if we could get some new ETFs.

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Thanks for this. I was thinking about using a different provider for my ISA next year due to the low number of AIM stocks, and this might keep me here.

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