Nine brand new UK stocks - 25th May 2021

Hi everyone,

Our latest batch of new stocks is here.

Nine brand new UK stocks are here.

Find these stocks on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now.

Full list

Ticker Title Universe ISA eligible? SIPP eligible?
RDGC Ridgecrest Plc Plus Yes Yes
WEB Webis Holdings Plc Plus Yes Yes
HSS HSS Hire Group Plc Plus Yes Yes
CRCL Corcel Plc Plus Yes Yes
TXP Touchstone Exploration Inc Plus Yes Yes
ABDX Abingdon Health Plc Plus Yes Yes
MHC Myhealthchecked Plc Plus Yes Yes
BWNG N Brown Group Plc Plus Yes Yes
COOP Mr Cooper Group Inc Plus Yes Yes

Let us know what you think about the new batch!

Capital at risk



COOP is Nasdaq not UK :slight_smile:

All Plus account! :frowning:

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When will Keystone Law be added? I’ve been requesting this for at least a year.

Good news on HSS Hire Group PLC. Had been looking at that in Feb/March. They have gone through a bit of a peak since but better late than never.


Good start. Missing £ICON though.

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got myself some Ridgecrest Plc today…

When will Wizz Air be available?

Hi @BigDave

Most airlines, along with others, require the stock holder to declare their nationally. FT do not currently support this feature at the moment but are actively working on it.

Hi, do shares on ‘plus’ appear on the free account after a certain amount of days, or after certain conditions have been met, if so what? Thank you.

Hi Steve, welcome to the forum.
The top of this page shows how the stocks are sorted into Free and Plus.

If a company grows and its stock moves into the FTSE 350 from the FTSE All-Share, for example, it would move from Plus to Free. It all depends on what exchange a stock is traded on, it is not like a timed exclusive.


Thanks for response. Ok so the key is that the company needs to be a certain size (value wise) before we can get it on the free version. I can see the sense in that, as it lets premium folk have first dibs. :+1:

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