About the Stock Requests 📈 category

Request the stocks & ETFs that you’d like Freetrade to add to our Stock Universe (so that you can invest in them), by creating a new topic for your stock in this category. Other users can vote for these requests to help us prioritise what to add.

If you’ve searched for your stock & it’s not already been requested, click this link to get started.


Is there a limit to votes?

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You have 50 votes overall now, to share between stock requests & feature ideas, use them wisely :smile:

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The forum looks a bit cluttered now with all these topics I think.

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It will do initially but it’ll get back to normal soon, once the initial requests are out of the way & they drop down the feed :slight_smile:

Edit - I’ve just found a way to make edits to posts without them being bumped to the top of the Latest feed by resetting a topic’s bump date (you can’t use it but I can :wink:) so I’ve done that & the feed’s looking a lot better now.


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