VTI - Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF

Hi guys,

This ETF is very well diversified, please can you add this. Please find below what stocks it consists of;

I don’t believe this ETF has a KID and so cannot he bought in the UK by retail investors. There are meant ETFs which are basically the same. Any MSCI USA ETF will essentially replicate the same holdings as the VTI.

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Is there a VTI equivalent on FreeTrade or that could be added?

A single etf covering US Large, Medium and Small stocks.


Is there a total US market etf available to add on FreeTrade? Large & small companies.

Yes. Its called Vanguard FTSE All World - Ticket VWRL

I believe this is the entire world including places like the Middle East and Australia and emerging markets. I was looking more for a total US market etf.

VUSA - Vanguard S&P 500

That too is only Large cap stocks. Does not collect the small cap.

Well it is what it is.

Don’t think there is one. You could invest in 3 different ones though, e.g. SP500, Russell 800 and Russell2000.



Asking again to the community if there is a entire US market etf similar to the US vti version?

After a very quick google:

  • The Index is comprised of large, mid, small and micro-sized company shares in the US.

It probably isn’t on FT because it’s £600+ a share.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but from some quick looking on the Internet it’s appears T212 offer VTI access. So surely that throws the KID out the window. I’m not certain on this can anyone shine some light?

I’m on the app - it isn’t there

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I was reading a blog post I found and the guy posted screenshots of VTI being available on T212?. Maybe that’s no longer the case for the. Reasons others gave above and I believe the screen grab was from 2018. Have you checked both isa and gia?